Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yup, still alive...

Thanks for asking Mook. Actually I have been ridiculously busy over the last few weeks. New job, football, all kinds of crap to keep me busy.

In my last job, I was able to read everyone out there consistently, and had plenty of time to post. Also, I felt comfortable that it would not cause any problems if I was posting from my last job. The place was huge and if some little dweeb was going to hassle me for hitting blogger every day, I would have been shocked.

In my new gig, I work at a really small capital management firm in Boston that is owned by a big law firm. I know that emails are flagged routinely for "certain" words that I use quite frequently on this here page. I wouldn't be surprised if the firewall is catching almost everything.

The bottom line is, posting has been slow since I really don't feel comfortable doing it at work anymore. That combined with football still (barely) going on, and being unmotivated to post by the time I get home at night, well, you know what I am saying.

I also haven't been playing at all. I have very little cash online right now actually and apparently that is how it will stay for the most part I guess.

Ok, so for updates...On the football front, we are winding down. Not really sure where I left off, and too lazy to go look. We had started the season off at 1-3 but battled back and won 3 straight. We went into this past weekend with a shot at the playoffs. We had control. All we had to do was win and we were in the national playoffs. We scouted the other team, had a good game plan and taught the kids what we thought they needed to know. We lost. We had them pegged but our kids just couldn't do it. We got beat by a better team unfortunately. We found out today that we still made the playoffs for the league so we still have at least one more game. My son started basketball last night so he is ready for football to be done anyway.

Now we are struggling with a decision about the basketball travel team. At the basketball tryout, a couple of the coaches came up to my wife (I was at work) and asked if he was going to play on the travel team. He is pretty good but it is a huge commitment. Practice for an hour and a half every Friday night and tournaments every weekend for like 12 weeks. That is a lot when you have 2 others that you don't get to see enough as it is. We will need to figure that one out over the next couple weeks.

As far as the gig goes, it is sure different than what I was used to. At my last job, I got up around 6:30, took a 7:30 train and got to work at 8:45 each day. I would leave on the 4:15 train most days and at the lastest, the 5:05.

With the new gig, I get up at 5, take the 6:15 train and am at the office by 7:30. On football practice days I still leave on the 4:15 train, but the other 3 nights, I take the 6:15 train going home, getting me here around 7:30. It is a long day for sure. And so far...I love it. I love the atmosphere of the small firm. The fact that I can actually make a difference with some of the things that I have done in the past. I really like it so far and hopefully it will continue.

I do miss playing and hanging with some of you whack jobs in girly chat, but it is what it is for right now anyway.

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for checking in.

Monday, October 09, 2006


I am still alive, but not playing much poker at all. Actually, I had a crazy busy week and this one will be more of the same I am sure. The quick update is...

We are on a 2 game win streak in football so we are back to .500. We have a good shot at making the playoffs and the kids are doing really well. I missed yesterday's game because it was my sister wedding. The head coach picked up my son and took him to the game so I had updates throughout, and it was worth it as they pulled it out.

My sister wedding was a great time. I am really happy for her and the guy she married is a real nice guy. My oldest, after his football game, joined us for the reception and it was a real trip. He was cutting the rug big time. I have no idea where he gets his moves, but it ain't from me.

I started the new job last week...kinda. Since the guy I am replacing didn't finish until last Friday, the team didn't even know about me, and my boss wanted it that way for the whole week. I ended up meeting with some people for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but then not having to even go in for Thursday and Friday. I am leaving in 10 minutes for my first real day, where I will meet my team and all that. It should be an interesting and hectic week.

When I found out I didn't have to work the end of the week, I got some other things done. On Thursday I power washed the house, cleaned out the gutters and did some other things around the house. That gave me the pass to go to Foxwoods on Friday. I will try to write more on that later, but basically, I didn't go too far in the MTT they were running when I called and all in ahead but got drawn out by a flush on the river to cripple me. I was out the next hand.

Then I played a $100 SNG and we out on the first hand. Yup, donkilicious is me. Stacks are 1500 with 15 blinds levels starting at 25/50. Kind of an ultra turbo really. I get AQc and bump to 150 and am reraised by some dude to 400. I made the call, which was my first mistake. I should have folded then. Instead, I see a A K 8 rainbow flop. I check to the raiser and he bets out 400. I say, this could be fast and push and he insta calls. Again, I should have been able to lay it down since AK, AA and KK beat me, which he represented by his reraise preflop.

He had KK and IGHN. Just ugly by me. I finished up in the pit by winning back that $100 so all in all the day cost me $100. Not that bad.

Ok, gotta get to work. Hopefully I will have more soon.

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