Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Excel Help

Although totally unrelated to gambling, I thought I'd talk about an extremely helpful website I came across the other day.

Now I'm not a very technical person so I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to use Excel properly. All I wanted to do was organize a list of contacts I had which was basically a schedule of tasks assigned to particular people and I wanted to sort it in a particular way.

Anyway I won't go too much into detail about it but I couldn't figure it out and none of my friend's/family are technically savvy either. So I started looking online for a solution and after browsing countless sites about Excel, it only made me more confused. I ended up finding a site called Excel Help which offered an actual consultation service. So I sent them an email about my problem and within a couple days, Chris (the owner of the site) responded and sent me a spreadsheet doing exactly what I wanted! On top of that, he did it for free!

So while this is quite a different topic from the normal posts I have on this blog, I thought I'd just give a shout out to a site that helped me tremendously

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Winner Poker Bonus Codes

There are many online poker rooms available for players on the Internet. Winner Poker is one such poker room, which offers its players a lot of services that set it apart from the rest. The site itself is part of the Redfinger Trading Limited, which is a company based out of Cyprus.
The main features of the Winner Poker site are their numerous cash tables, round-the-clock poker games, many tournaments and their exclusive VIP club. Apart from this, there are also other features of the site. Read on to find out more about Winner Poker.
Software and Getting Started
Winner Poker is available to players with any level of expertise. All it takes is for the player to fill out the registration form. This form is available on the website and can be filled electronically. Once the form has been filled, players will then have to enter their payment details in order to play poker for real at this website.
Once the player completes the registration procedure and has downloaded the winner poker software, then he/she is ready to make a deposit and begin playing. In order for new players to have a better understanding of the game, there is also a separate section dedicated to online poker, with a number of articles on the subject. Players can learn about the game or even improve their game with this section of the site.
Bonuses and Promotions
There are numerous promotions that are constantly available for members, whether they are new or old. At present, there are many exciting promotions like the ECOOP VI promotion which has a guaranteed jackpot of $5,100,000. There are also satellites running for the World Championships main event, the Top 30 Race and many Sit and Go’s and freerolls
One exciting thing about Winner Poker is their VIP program. With this program, players can earn points by playing poker and they can use these points to get cash. Players that have a higher number of points are eligible for bigger cash rewards. For the best promotions, it's best to use a Winner Poker bonus code which can be found on latestpokerbonuses.com
Games on Offer
At Winner Poker, most players prefer to play Texas Hold’em; however there are many Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5-Card Stud and 7-Card Stud games also on offer.
Payment Options
The two main payment types on offer at Winner Poker are the direct and the indirect methods. Using a direct method is what most players prefer, but it involves having to divulge personal information to the website. In order to avoid this, many players prefer third party e-wallet services. The direct methods acceptable at Winner Poker include credit cards, debit cards and money transfers.
The cashier section of the Winner Poker website provides a comprehensive list on the kind of payment options (for withdrawal and depositing) that are acceptable at this site.
Customer Support and Security
Players have a chance to clarify any query that they may have thanks to the customer support staff on duty at Winner Poker. This support team is available to all their players around the clock and is well trained to ensure that every query is answered in a prompt and comprehensive manner. This team can be contacted by phone or email. There are toll free numbers for players from the UK and Canada and there is also another number for players from other countries.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Basics Of Online Poker

Online poker is one of the most popular online gambling ventures. This game has managed to achieve cult status around the world, with millions of players taking to the various poker websites to indulge in a little poker. Online poker however, is a little different from regular poker and players sometimes find it a bit tough to make the transition from one form to the other. For players who are used to playing the brick and mortar version of the game, this article provides a little insight into the playing of online poker and addresses some of the concerns that players may have.

Many people who wish to switch to online poker are not very sure if the game is legal. The simple answer to this question is yes, it is legal in most places across the world, and there are some places in the US, where it is illegal to gamble. There is also the Wire Act, which was passed in 1961 that prohibits gambling over the telephone and in some cases sports betting. The question of whether online poker is legal however is still debatable, especially when the operators of the poker room are from outside the US. Keeping this in mind, it is probably a good idea to check if online poker is legal in the area where you stay, before beginning to play.

Another big problem that many people have is the question of whether online poker is secure. This is usually the case in most cases, although it is important to check the site’s credentials first. There are many sites that are audited by an outside agency (for example, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission). These sites are generally extremely secure and can usually be trusted.

The final big concern that many people have is over cheating. Like with most online games, there are a number of people who try their best to override the system and commit fraud. Cheating and fraud are probably the biggest concerns that online poker rooms face. In order to combat this, there are a number of measures in place, especially when you are playing in a reputable poker room. There are many poker rooms that reserve the rights to screenshots from your system during the game in order to figure out what programs are running in the background. There are also some limits on using the same IP address with multiple accounts. Along with this, there are a number of other measures that poker rooms have in place to ensure that cheating is actively discouraged. Players who are caught cheating in a big way are generally banned for life from the site.

Apart from these concerns, the game play and other protocol are generally the same, whether it is brick and mortar or online poker. Each poker room however, does have a different set of rules for their games and so players who are looking to indulge in online poker should read the rules and terms and conditions carefully before they start playing.

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