Monday, September 05, 2011

Bluefire Poker

improve your poker game with all of the resources that are available through Blue Fire Poker. The site includes educational and instructional poker content, as well as content that is designed for entertainment purposes.

Poker Pros

At Blue Fire Poker you have the chance to learn from pro poker players such as Phil Galfond. All of the poker pros at Blue Fire are top players in the games that they play. Phil Galfond selects all of the pros on the site having in mind that teaching you to play the game, is the aim. Poker pros on the site include Jason Senti (cash pro), Martin Fournier Giguere (cash pro), Niman Kenkre (cash pro), Alix Martin (cash pro), Alan Jackson (cash pro), Neil Gewirtz (cash pro), Ryan Peterson (SNG pro), Chip Ferguson (SNG pro), Darin Van Gammeren (SNG pro), Brian Fite (SNG pro), Andy Carlson (SNG pro) and Don Nguyen (guest pro).

You may find that Blue Fire Poker has a smaller number of pros than other sites, but rest assured that this is by design. Blue Fire feels that you will learn better and faster from a smaller number of quality pros and their instructions than if you have to wade through a whole lot of irrelevant or difficult-to-understand material. The only poker videos you will find on Blue Fire Poker are the ones that the site feels are necessary for teaching you how to play the game better.

How Blue Fire Poker will Improve your Game

When you sign up with Blue Fire Poker you will have access to blogs, articles and forums on poker strategy and poker discussions, as well as special videos. You can watch videos of the poker pros at their best and use these to learn how you too can play at your best. There are no guarantees when it comes to teaching someone how to play the game of poker better. For some people, this is a big ask. For the majority of people, by following the instructions on the site, you will improve your game play and your strategy. This means that you will have more opportunity to win when you play real money games and will have the potential to walk away with more money.

Getting Started at Blue Fire Poker

You can sign up for a seven day free trial that will give you immediate access to all the resources that Blue Fire Poker has to offer. Once you have completed the free trial, you can pay the sign up and monthly fee for your subscription.

Customer Service Support

If you have any questions when playing at Blue Fire Poker you can contact the Blue Fire Poker support team via email. There is a specific email address for customer service, tech support and media. If you have any comments, Blue Fire Poker would love to hear from you via the email form on their website

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