Monday, October 09, 2006


I am still alive, but not playing much poker at all. Actually, I had a crazy busy week and this one will be more of the same I am sure. The quick update is...

We are on a 2 game win streak in football so we are back to .500. We have a good shot at making the playoffs and the kids are doing really well. I missed yesterday's game because it was my sister wedding. The head coach picked up my son and took him to the game so I had updates throughout, and it was worth it as they pulled it out.

My sister wedding was a great time. I am really happy for her and the guy she married is a real nice guy. My oldest, after his football game, joined us for the reception and it was a real trip. He was cutting the rug big time. I have no idea where he gets his moves, but it ain't from me.

I started the new job last week...kinda. Since the guy I am replacing didn't finish until last Friday, the team didn't even know about me, and my boss wanted it that way for the whole week. I ended up meeting with some people for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but then not having to even go in for Thursday and Friday. I am leaving in 10 minutes for my first real day, where I will meet my team and all that. It should be an interesting and hectic week.

When I found out I didn't have to work the end of the week, I got some other things done. On Thursday I power washed the house, cleaned out the gutters and did some other things around the house. That gave me the pass to go to Foxwoods on Friday. I will try to write more on that later, but basically, I didn't go too far in the MTT they were running when I called and all in ahead but got drawn out by a flush on the river to cripple me. I was out the next hand.

Then I played a $100 SNG and we out on the first hand. Yup, donkilicious is me. Stacks are 1500 with 15 blinds levels starting at 25/50. Kind of an ultra turbo really. I get AQc and bump to 150 and am reraised by some dude to 400. I made the call, which was my first mistake. I should have folded then. Instead, I see a A K 8 rainbow flop. I check to the raiser and he bets out 400. I say, this could be fast and push and he insta calls. Again, I should have been able to lay it down since AK, AA and KK beat me, which he represented by his reraise preflop.

He had KK and IGHN. Just ugly by me. I finished up in the pit by winning back that $100 so all in all the day cost me $100. Not that bad.

Ok, gotta get to work. Hopefully I will have more soon.


At 12:28 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You donk! I woulda met up with you on Friday!! ug.. heh. I went down Sunday and watched the Foosball games on Plasma!

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to know all is well. Good Luck with the new job bro.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger T0mmy2T0ne said...

Really good to see ya back posting sir!

Sorry bout the loss at foxwoods but hey sounds like you had some good mixed in with the bad there :) So GG!!

Take care man and gluck with your new team!


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Joe (aka Unimpressed) said...

I just donked off my remaining money at FTP (may have to redeposit while I still can!)

At 3:54 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Just checking in to see if you're still alive...


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