Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Sorry, this place is obviously dead, but given the fact that I still have beautiful women checking me out, here is a cliff notes update for anyone that might care. Further details to follow when I can do it.

-A month and a half since my last update (WTF?)
-Went on the Disney Cruise
-Broke my ankle playing basketball drunk and barefoot with my 10 year old on the cruise
-Was in a wheelchair for the day at the Magic Kingdom (happiest place on earth my ass)
-Hobbled for the rest of the week thinking that I badly sprained it
-Finally went to the hospital a week after it happened and found out it was fractured
-In a boot and on crutches since them
-Hope to be off the crutches on Feb 22 and just have to walk in the boot for a while after that
-Not losing lbs
-Eating like a slob
-Had a ridiculous Pop Warner coaching saga over control of the team
-One of the good guys quit so I am stuck with the guy I don't agree with much
-My son's travel basketball team went undefeated and won the championship
-He started out a starter and finished not getting off the bench in the final game
-Little kid sports politics suck ass, people need to get a life
-Still have to endure the month of March with travel basketball weekly tournaments
-Had to actually talk to the coach about my kid's situation (lame)
-Can't wait till baseball season
-Work is pretty good but real busy
-I am getting dropped off and picked up every day but on someone else's schedule
-Crutches will screw you up royally
-The toilets at my new job are not automatic flushers, good times (for you jj)
-No spitters hanging around the work bathrooms either (again for jj)
-I am dying to get back to Vegas (to see Don and Carmen)
-Looking at buying a condo in NH

That's the cliff notes. Hope you all are doing well.

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