Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Actual Poker Content!

I won a slider last night. Yup, bronze, insulated, screen included.

I picked up a little bankroll at Bodog and started trying to whittle it away last night. Actually, I really started yesterday on the train ride home. I downloaded their mobile casino client. Sweet, an hour of -EV games to fill my time. I toiled on my $.25 Jacks or Better video poker, and just about broke even. Not too bad. But I was really after some good, old fashioned, online pokah for the first time in a long while.

After my wife retired for the evening to read her book, it was time to fire it up. I jumped all over the place, starting off in a couple low buyin sit-n-go's. Smash, boom bang, KA-POW. Nope, I didn't see the Batman movie this weekend, but I felt like I was watching the old show with Adam West. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I may be behind, when holding AKo, and the flop came AA9. All the chips go in and the real poker player in the hand turns over A9o for the flopped boat to my trips, top kick. Nice playing with you, have a nice day.

After about 3 of those, I decide to wade into the cash waters. Hearing that the Bodog cash games can be soft, I figured I would give it a go. I started off on the .05/.10, $10 max table, then quickly jumped up to the .10/.25, $25 max table. A little while in, I spy the beautiful AA and we play patty cake preflop to the tune of getting all the money in. About $22 each I guess. He flops a Q to go with his other 2 bitches and weeeee, away I go to reload. "ouch" he says. Yes indeed. At this rate, maybe I will lose it all tonight and be done with it?

I actually chip back up pretty nicely, and after smacking down some poor dude with the nut flush on the river, I have made it back to even for the night, including my donking good time in the SNGs. It is about 11:30pm and I have to get up at 4:20am. Feeling shades of the poker addiction creeping back in to me, I close it down...Only to open the casino client instead (hehehe, evil chuckle).

I just wanted to try a little taste of the online poker through the client, so I jumped into a Double Double Bonus Poker game with $100. I was playing $.25, with max bet making it $1.25 a hand. After about 3 minutes of floundering back and forth, bingo, I hit 4 of a kind. Then, about 2 hands later, again! I end up with something like $268 after a little more back and forth and decide, shut it down now before you give it back. Online video poker can't be good for you.

I hit the "Cash Out" button, only to feel the pull, while watching the Red Sox game, to jump back in. This time though, I decide, "it can't hurt to jump to $1 for a couple pulls right?" I jump in, and about 10 hands of back and forth later, BAM, I am dealt 4 A's. That paid $800! I ran out of dodge with about $1100 in the roll at about midnight.

Like I said, I won a slider. I am in the process of replacing the 30 year old slider at my place in New Hampshire and since it has to be bronze, to match the rest of the decor of the condo units, it is going to cost me about $800. Not an expense that I was looking forward to right now. Thanks Bodog!


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