Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vegas Trip Report-Part 2

Ok, so I left off in the middle of the second day, just after hitting a Royal on video poker. By that time, it is about 1:00pm or so. We decide to beat it out of downtown and grab a cab from the Plaza.

It was a nice sunny day in Vegas, fresh off a little VP score. What do we decide to do next? Strip Club naturally. Now I am not a huge strip club guy. I couldn't possibly love the female form more, but watching my cash go away in short order, while working up some possible wood, only to walk away with only Rosy Palm and her 5 sisters is not always the best way to spend the day. Nevertheless, having hit the little score, and not having taken the time to visit a strip club in Vegas in the past, this seemed like a good time for a visit.

Now everyone hears stories about this place and that place, and how the cabbies bring you where they make the most money, not necessarily the best place. Anyway, with that in mind, we decided to have the cabbie drive us back to the Flamingo first. We had a bunch of passes and some of them included rides to the clubs, so we figured that was the way to go. We got back to the strip and I called the number on the back of the card for a ride to Sapphire. The girl answers and says no problem on the ride, they start booking them at 7:30pm. DOH. Um, ok, well, if we just get over there, can we still use the pass to avoid a cover? Sure, come on over she says.

We jump in the cab and tell him we want to go to Sapphire. "You want to see the most beautiful girls? I bring you to Spearmint Rhino." No thanks dude, Sapphire it is. We get there and we see about 5 cars in the lot, and the place looks closed. He says, "you want me to wait to make sure they are open?" Nope, all set, I already called.

We walk in and the place is huge. I mean like 3 big public rooms and then a private room off to the side too. It was typical strip club dark and the music was going. We walked in without seeing a soul at the entrance and walk through to the first room. Then the second room. Then are at the end of the expanse and at the men's room at this point. We look at each other, and we didn't even have to say anything. We both could read each other's mind. "Where the FUCK is everybody?" We literally didn't see one person. We walked back through the rooms and found that there was actually a bartender there at the bar so we sat down. To make a long story longer, we spend about 2 hours chatting up the hot bartender and saw the one and only stripper that was working at the time for a total of about 5 minutes. She was off on a private dance for a while, then came back and off she went again with the only other lonely and sad soul that decided that visiting Sapphire on a Sunday afternoon was a super duper idea. Anyway, the bartender was actually really cool and held our attention enough to just chill and booze it up until it was time to shove off and meet up with The Don and the lovely Carmen for a prearranged dinner. The obvious moral of the story is, wait until nightfall to go to that place at least. If it was packed and full of naked chicks parading around, I am sure it would have been cool. We just picked the wrong time I guess.

Ok, that is all the time I have for today. Maybe tomorrow or later this week I will continue this blabbering on a bit more.


At 2:31 PM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Hey, Chris, good to see you are back and blogging. Thanks for stopping by my new site; I'm doing my best to keep it updated on a fairly regular basis, at least more so than I was keeping the other ones updated. I will be sure to let you know if I'm ever in the Boston area again.


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