Friday, July 18, 2008

General Update

So I am going to take a quick detour from the trip report, part 3. Just a quick post about what is going on in general, to noone in particular.

Baseball season ended a couple weeks ago, but my 2 older boys are still playing in a summer fun league. It is great for my 7 year old because he is facing live pitching for the first time, so he is getting a feel for what it will be like for him next year. He is doing really well.

My 11 year old thinks it is kind of a joke. The kids aren't very good in his age group, but he struggled hitting this year, as it was his first in the majors. At the end of the season, he was just starting to swing the bat well, so he figured he would play this to keep it going for a little while. He has done ok hitting, but pitching he has been dominating. His coach isn't letting him pitch again the worst team usually because he said it isn't fair, lol. Last night though, after we told him he wouldn't be there for the 2 games next week because of football camp, he let him pitch the last 3 innings. He struck out every kid he faces and in the inning I was watching his game, he threw 10 pitches for the 3 K's. He better not get used to it, because in his league, it will be tough going next year.

So sports has been keeping me really busy. Even my 5 year old was playing this year, but there is no summer league for his age.

Last week I was on vacation and we spent about $1,000 in gas driving all over New England. We went up to my mom's place in Maine, then down to Cape Cod and caught a drive in movie, then up to New Hampshire to our place up there for a few days. That was just the wife and I with some friends, so that was a good time. We did some kayaking on the Saco river and pulled a floating cooler along for the ride. Good times indeed.

While we were in Maine, the kids got into the lake big time. My sister bought a knee board, and as you can see, the kids thought they were the shiznit.

So far so good this summer. We have less than 3 weeks until football practice starts. Both the 2 older ones are playing this year. I am not coaching my oldest, which will be kinda weird. We had such a great season last year, but he has a good coach, and I think he will benefit from getting me off his back during practice. In the car on the ride home is a different story of course ;)

I am going to help out a little with my 7 year old's team, but for the most part, I am being a parent and board member. Trying to help wherever I can.

I do plan on starting to play a little more poker. Nothing close to what I was doing before I kicked the habit, but I do miss the Mooookie, and other fun weekly games. Hopefully I can jump back in soon.

Ok, that's all I got. I should have the next installment of the trip report sometime this weekend, or early next week. Have a great weekend to all.


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