Monday, April 03, 2006

The Weekend Update

Well, I had quite a weekend. It started off fine, but ended pretty rough.

Friday night, I played a lot of poker. Mostly SNGs with other bloggers like KJ, Jordan, Hoyazo, and George. I did terrible in just about everything that I played. I tried the $3+rebuy tourney on Stars with KJ. It wasn’t for me, but he did great, as usual, and ended up ITM.

The only thing I cashed in was a $2+rebuy satellite to a $33+rebuy satellite for the WTP at Foxwoods next weekend. I made it to the $33+rebuy but donked out quickly. $30 rebuys are not in my bankroll right now.

I finally went to bed around 2am, after playing for about 6 hours.

Saturday, the kids had me up at 6am, as I knew they would. My wife had warned me to go to bed early, as she sipped her pina coladas and mai tais at the pool from Florida. I should have listened.

We decided we would go to the movies and see Ice Age 2. First we hit McDonald’s for lunch, of course, and then off to the movie. My 2 year old made it about half way through without any complains. I had him in my lap as I nodded off repeatedly throughout the movie. The older 2 liked it a lot though, so it was a good time overall.

Saturday night, I had a home game. There were 6 of us and we played 3 games. In the first game, I came in third but never had too much luck. In the second game, I came in last. Yes, last. I had AQo and raised preflop, 4xBB. I got one caller. The flop came out 6s6h3d. I figured there was no way he could have hit the flop so I pushed. I was down a little bit already, but he barely had me covered. Sure enough, he called and had paired the 3. He had called me preflop with A3o and I was out quickly. I was pretty annoyed with myself for such a bad play, especially since the guy that called me is known to call with ANYTHING preflop. He has to see the flop. He just got lucky on that one and could call me. It was my own fault.

Since I was out of that game so early, I jumped online and played some more Paradise LHE to try and keep clearing the small bonus I had there. I had turned $5 into about $45 so far, but still had a bunch of raked hands to clear. I had played a little bit earlier in the day while the kids were playing and the raked hands were really piling in. So was my account balance at Paradise. Right now, after playing a little in the afternoon, and the time I played on Saturday night while they finished the second game, my balance has zoomed to $130. It was amazing. People were just giving me their money over and over. The only time I could lose was with pocket Aces. That was twice and they were nice pots, which was pretty frustrating but I was winning with everything else. I think I won with big slick 3 times within 20 minutes and they were all good-sized pots.

Finally, I pulled myself away from Paradise to start the third game of the night. I don’t remember any of the particulars, but I won the third game. What I do remember was 2 of the guys leaving about a half hour before the third game ended. These guys are part of our regular games. One guy works nights so he had to get to work. The other guy was just taking off since he knew we weren’t going to play another since I needed to get up with the kids. As it was they didn’t leave until about 12:30am or so. Anyway, after I won, and everyone else left, I came into the living room to find that the cable was out. I also have my internet through my cable. Bummer, no more Paradise, which was probably a blessing anyway. It was past 1:00am and I needed to get to bed and get ready for the kids anyway.

I woke up Sunday morning with a bad stomach. I thought it was probably just a combination of no sleep the last 2 nights, plus all the beers from Saturday night. I couldn’t even drink coffee or eat any of the cinnamon rolls that I made for the kids. If I can’t eat cinnamon rolls, something is wrong. Anyway, I made them breakfast then tried to turn on the tv. Huh, strange, still no cable.

Around 10am, my phone rings and it is one of the guys from the night before that had left early.

“Hey, I backed into something pulling out of your driveway last night. It wasn’t your mailbox, it was something else, but I was too embarrassed to come in and hear it from you guys.”

Hmm, my cable connection from the street is out there. I went out and the thing was mangled pretty bad. I stuck what looked like the right parts together and came in. Woohoo, we have tv again, but kinda fuzzy. Still no internet. I called the cable company and they said they would send someone Monday sometime. * sign * No poker for me until then.

A little while later, my mother called and said she wanted to take the kids for a few hours. Sounds good to me, since my stomach was really starting to kill me.

To cut to the chase on that, she ended up taking 2 of the kids, but one was saying that his stomach was hurting him too. My 5 year old stayed home with me and we both just chilled on the couch. That is, until I had to start dashing off to the bathroom. It was awful. Then my mother brought the other 2 home just in time to have my 5 year projectile puke all over the couch. Lovley. I can barely move and he pukes all over everything while the other 2 are watching in horror. My 5 year old is the worst too. He doesn’t even make an attempt for the barrel sitting right next to him. He said he didn’t know it was coming.

Just after that, my wife calls from poolside. She was having a great weekend with the girls in Florida. She ended up passing on the poker tourney in favor of more drinks and sun. I had talked to her many times on Saturday night while they made their way from bar to bar. Anyway, she felt really bad about the situation at home, but she had to be glad to be away. The house was a mess, everyone was sick, and she was sunning at the pool. It’s some good guilt stuff for me. Just kidding.

Anyway, my oldest was a big help and by 8 or 9pm, I was feeling a little better. Luckily, everyone slept fine last night and everyone was in good shape today. I got to spend this morning cleaning up ahead of my wife’s re-entry into reality. The poor thing.

Btw, I did find out on Friday that my son made one of the teams that he had tried out for. He was really excited but didn’t understand why everyone that he knew of on his team was older than him. I guess they only took 25 8 and 9 year olds for 15 teams. I talked to a friend of mine who is one of the coaches and he said that my son was graded very high and he was going to take him but he was already gone when the pick got to him. The season starts soon, so we’ll see how he does.

Well, I think that is about it. The Red Sox season starts in 15 minutes so I will be watching that, then maybe a little poker tonight before drewsmum gets home. Have a good one all.


At 1:50 PM, Blogger TenMile said...

Good on the kid making the team. Been wondering about that.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Klopzi said...

First - congrats to your son! Fine job - knew he'd make it.

Second, sorry to hear about the stomach and projectile vomiting. I was one of those kids who couldn't see it coming either. I've made quite a few messes in my lifetime, let me tell you.

All in all, doesn't sound like you had that bad a weekend poker-wise. You can never count on MTTs for cash, in my opinion.

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, no cable or internet and sick on top of that. Sounds like you had a rough one.

Congrats to your son!

At 6:34 PM, Blogger phat said...

Ahh... poker and projectile vomiting. Life is sweet.

Good to hear you're doing so well at LHE. One day I'll give it another shot, but for now I'm a 6-max action junkie. LHE bores me to tears and the suckouts are horrid (maybe I should try 4-tabling LHE? Hmm...)


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