Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mookie's and SNG Challenge Commences

I didn’t get home until about 9 last night due to the old boss's last week, drink gathering. My wife was just getting ready to start watching Lost, but the Sox were on, so I went upstairs to watch and play a little bit of poker.

First, I finalized jjok and my small side bet for the Sox vs Rangers game last night. We decided on a small wager of one of my custom, Hometown Poker home tourney poker chips against him buying me into a low/micro level SNG on Stars. We had traded comments for most of the day figuring out an acceptable wager and that ended up being it. When I sent him the email after I got home, my Sox were already down 1-0, but I had faith and went with it. Check the scoreboard kids, looks like I’ll be playing on jjok ;) btw, check out his blog.

As I was checking email, KJ popped me on yahoo and asked if I was playing in Mookie’s tourney. I have been trying to get a chance to play in it, but due to the SSOFT limitations I have put on myself, I didn’t think it would be last night. I wanted to start the $55 6-max SNG Challenge, to get some focus and, with the time I figured I had to play, jumped onto FT and started up my first, 6 player $5.50 SNG.

That was a donkalicious time. One person went out on the first hand. I took over half a guys stack a bit later when I flopped top pair, high kicker (not top) and bet into him each round. He called me down with a 4 kicker. Cool.

I checked with the wife and she said she was going to watch Lost and then speed through Idol on the DVR. I was doing well in the SNG and just after 10, decided to check in on Mookie’s to see how many he got. It was just into late registration and there were only 19, so, like a dumbass, I rationalized that it wouldn’t be a very long tourney, and jumped in as my SNG was still going on.

I got seated with KJ and Hoyazo among others. Said a quick hello as my FT window kept popping on top of the Stars window. At this point, I am 3 handed in the SNG, so the action is coming around quickly.


After about 5 hands or so in Mookie’s, I get AK soooted. I bump it up 4xBB as my FT window pops up again. If the details are fuzzy, I apologize. I was flat called by one person Vegas something (sorry dude). The flop came A high rainbow and I bet and he popped it. I had him covered, barely, and called. He had hit 2 pair with the A and 4 and I was quickly down to 180. Sweet, so glad I played this one.

Just about then, the wifey comes up to brush and get ready for bed. Uh-oh. “Done watching Idol already hon?”

Luckily, as my butt was getting kicked in Mookie’s, I was down to HU in the SNG. This being the first one in the challenge, I was happy to make the money, but I wanted to win to get me off on the right foot. I started to concentrate more on that one and less on Mookie’s. Sorry guys, I think I even timed out once when I thought I hit the fold button but swung and missed apparently. Anyway, with my last 180, I pushed at one point and took the blinds, then with A2o, hoyazo bumped up my blinds 3x and I called. The flop came down A high again and I bet out like 90 with 150 left. Nice move dumbass. Anyway, he bumped me all-in, while apologizing since he had hit 2 pair on me also (I think). That’s the game, no problem. We both saw that I had a gutshot draw needing a 4 for the straight. Hoyazo says, “hope you hit the 4”. It being Riverstars and all, I confidently knew I would, and did. It was pretty funny, especially after us both watching that happen time after time the night before in the WWdN.

Anyway, at that point, I am at about 480 or so, but still in push monkey mode. A few hand later, I get pocket 7s UTG and I pushed. Unfortunately, the player to my left woke up with cowboys. I didn’t improve, he did, and I was gone. That was probably a blessing since I didn’t have to explain to the good wife why I needed to play on. At the same time, I turned up my aggression in the SNG and beat the guy down heads up for the win. The guy seemed to be a pretty good player, which made the final hand strange. I had been pushing him around but only had him cover like 3-2 in chips. I bumped his blinds with AK soooted and he reraised me, I min reraised back and he pushed. I happily called and he had…106o?

Anyway, my inaugural Mookie tourney was about 10 minutes total. Last to register, first to leave. Very well played. At least my SNG challenge is off to a good start.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Thanks for coming out to play last night. You got the Eeyore (VegasRico) treatment, he got that nickname for a reason :)

At 12:18 PM, Blogger jjok said...

Money coming tonight......

Congrats man!


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