Monday, April 03, 2006

DADI 5 Pimpage

I can't play in tonights WSOP satellite, brought to us by Iggy since drewsmum is due to arrive home from her big weekend just it gets underway. That would be way -EV so I will just have to be an unbelievable puss;)

Fortunately, I will get another chance at a seat because Jordan and Jason have done it again. I am all signed up, why aren't you? YEAH, YOU! As lifted direction from High on Poker:

The Winner Receives:
$1500 WSOP Seat for Every 54 Players (Travel Accomodations Not Included)
Naming Rights to the Next WWdn Tournament
A Free Seat in the WWdn Tournament of Champions

Along with the following special prizes for 2nd through 4th, any remaining prize pool after the WSOP seat(s) are secured will be paid out in increments of $100. Example: If prize pool is $2100, payout will be 1st/WSOP Seat, 2nd through 7th/$100 each.

2nd Place Receives:
An iPod Shuffle, compliments of

3rd Place Receives:
10,000 PSO Points, compliments of*

4th Place Receives:
5,000 PSO Points, compliments of*

*PSO Points redeemable at at the PSO Points Store.

WPBT Player Of The Year Points will be awarded for this tournament!

In addition, for this week only, DADI has joined forces with the WWdn, thus there will be no WWdn on Tuesday, April 25th. We hope all WWdn regulars will play in DADI 5 to support sending another player to the WSoP through a blogger event.


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