Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random Sunday Morning Post

Ok, so as I get ready for a big day of football, I can't believe that I forgot one thing in my post on Friday. I forgot to tell everyone that my wife, I and about 20 of our friends were going to a concert last night.

We aren't much into concerts really, and this was the first one we had been to in years actually. But since all of our friends were going, we figured we just couldn't pass up seeing...Journey and Def Leppard!

Journey actually rocked pretty well, although it was a little weird seeing some 20-30 something singing for them now. Def Leppard sucked to be honest. I was looking forward to them more than Journey, but whatever. It was a good time. We got there a few hours early and the tailgate spread was ridiculous. Luckily my wife volunteered to drive home. Good times.

Ok, one last quick thing. These are my picks for today's NFL games. I like to do a couple cheap parlays each week, as I posted last Monday.

Good luck, except for the Raven who I am going to whoop up on in Fantasy football today.

Wager Type: Parlay(5 team)
Wager Status: Pending
Risk: $10.00 (USD)
To Win Amount: $183.80 (USD)

New York Jets +5½ -110
Jacksonville Jaguars +7 -120
Chicago Bears -4½ -110
St Louis Rams +4½ -110
Philadelphia Eagles -7 -120

Wager Type: Parlay(3 team)
Wager Status: Pending
Risk: $10.00 (USD)
To Win Amount: $63.34 (USD)

Indianapolis Colts -7 +100
Chicago Bears -4½ -110
St Louis Rams +4½ -110

I know, I am betting against myself, but I like the Bears and Rams the best this week for some reason. Not sure about that Indy game.


At 3:20 PM, Blogger Gilain said...

My buddy Jason saw the same concert in San Antonio recently and claimed the exact same thing. Now we know it wasn't a one night thing.

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