Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WSOP Sat, WWdN, and No Interest Financing

Congrats to Lucko21 and Myradiohead for their wins in last night’s WSOP satellite that Iggy put together (and kicked in additional cash to). I was sorry to see that GCox and Trip came so close without the prize. After spending all that time, and getting so close, that is as rough as it gets.

It sounds like I was lucky that I couldn’t play after all. Although I wouldn’t have minded donating to the cause like the last one, with the deep stacks, it sounds like a long night for everyone.

I am ready for DADI 5 though, which should be another great time.

I hope to get home in time to get into the WWdN tonight after picking up my son from baseball. I should probably never play another one of these, after last week, since I will just be showing everyone that it was a fluke, but back I will be. Hope to see you all there. You should also check out Denials spot for the weekly live blogging of the WWdN. He always does a great job with it.

I was able to jump onto Paradise for about an hour last night before my wife got home and after the kids were down for the night. I played another 2 tables of 50c/1.00 limit and was up about $20. I now have about $160 in there. That started with the left over $5 from the first Iggy WSOP satellite. I am trying to figure out when I should bail out of there. I know my luck can’t continue forever at Paradise. I was thinking that I continue to play the same level of limit until I either get up to $200 or variance smacks me back down to $100. Once I hit one of the other, I will withdraw it and put it into another bonus whoring opportunity. Sounds like an ok plan?

I still have about the same amount at FT with a big bonus to clear there, but it has been very slow going due to the way they clear bonus. Any advice on what might be a good thing to play at FT to clear bonus with about $150?

My last real cash is in Stars, where I have really been playing only SNGs, thanks to the 45 SNG Challenge, MTTs like the WWdN, or other assorted tourneys. I haven’t played any cash games here and my bankroll just keeps drifting south. I saw the link put up by the Poker Nerd on Mookie’s site yesterday and was blown away at how crappily my stats showed on Shark Scope. I wonder how that is calculated? Hopefully it includes things like the $33 satellite that I got into via the $2+rebuy mini satellite but I am not sure. Either way, dems ugly stats. After signing up for DADI 5 in advance, like you will do today, I am at about $90 at Stars. I think it might be time to give it a go at Trip’s $55 6-max SNG Challenge for some focus. If I can make a similar showing to Nick, I will be thrilled of course.

Last thing for today is non poker related, but definitely bankroll related. Last year, in a blizzard where we got 38 inches of snow, a tree fell over in my back yard and took out the cedar swingset. Since the tree was so big and I need to get it professionally cleared out, along with some additional threatening trees, I filed a homeowners insurance claim. Basically, I had to use a good chunk of the proceeds to fund the additional tree clearing rather than put it directly to the new swingset. Even still, drewsmum wanted to make sure we got a kickass swingset for the kiddies so we did to the tune of about $3700. Now again, the insurance company basically paid for that dollar for dollar, but a bunch of it went to the tree removal. The swingset company just happened to have one of those interest free financing for a year deal. We did that and I made some payments along the year but figured I would pay the rest with my tax/bonus money at the end of the year. Fast forward to tax/bonus time and I pay out all my money to the bills, including this one. Unfortunately, it swingset company uses GE as their credit card backer, as does my corporate card. Like a dumbass, I paid the wrong one. I got my corporate card statement last week and noticed I had a big balance. That didn’t make sense since I hadn’t really used it in a while. When I looked at it closer, I noticed that it was a credit balance. I quickly called them and asked the lovely Indian woman to please put a rush on the return of my funds. She said it would take 3-4 weeks. Doh. Oh, well, I thought, I didn’t think that the year was that close to ending anyway, so I could probably wait. For whatever reason last week, I decided I better just pay it and replenish the paltry savings once I received the funds back. The swingset dudes got their money on March 29th.

Yesterday, still recovering from my bathroom dashes and kid puke cleanup weekend, I grab the mail. Inside is the bill from the swingset company. I open it up and there is a big fat charge of $776.51 for FINANCE CHARGE. After getting off the floor, I call the customer service number and listen to the endless voice prompts telling me to push this button, type in that account number, blah blah blah. The only thing I heard was they received my payment on March 29th. The bill said that the finance charge kicked in on March 27th. Ruh roh, I may be screwed here.

Luckily, the lovely Indian gentleman that I groveled to immediately credited the account the full amount of the finance charge and told me my account balance was, in fact, zero. With disaster now averted, I even let him sign me up for the credit protection bogus offer while he had me on the phone. It free as long as your account balance is zero don’t cha know. Phew. The junk mashing was averted and I could go back to the couch and watch the Red Sox kick some of Coxy’s Rangers ass. Sorry man.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger jjok said...

Rivalry time.....

I'm a Rangers fan......

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Klopzi said...

You're really tearing up those limit tables - good job.

If you're looking for a quick way to clear some bonuses while playing 50c/1, check out the Prima network sites. Their bonuses clear fairly easily.

You could try River Belle Poker ;), for example, but there are others as well and you can have accounts at each and every Prima skin.

At 2:48 AM, Blogger jjok said...

Rangers take one back? Oh yeah.....


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