Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I guess I lied

Yeah, I lied. No poker last night...again.

I ended up at the car dealership for 3 hours pounding out a deal on a new Tundra. It was worth it though because I love it and I think I got a pretty reasonable deal overall. Hoff left me some good advice in yesterday's post, but alas, I had already sealed the deal. I like the current body type on the double cab Tundra's anyway, so it's all good.

Rather than go right home after that, I ended up meeting my buddy down at the bar we play poker at and I didn't even play there. There are 7pm and 10pm sessions and I got there at about 9pm. I had to eat and after that, and a couple beers (Brahma, ever have that? Good stuff), I just felt like having a couple more beers and watching the Sox kick some A'ss.

I figured a couple more and get home at a reasonable hour. Didn't happen as we closed the place and started playing Keno; pure evil. Me, my buddy, the waitress and the bartender each were picking one number and playing as a team.

Anyway, all fun, but no poker content, so I am keeping this short. That plus the fact that I have been updating repetitive sql statements with report id numbers and I am ready to pass out. Ridonkulous.

Hope to get out there into pokerland tonight after I go and get my XM radio taken out of my current car and signing the paperwork at the dealership. No promises. I don't like to lie.


At 3:23 PM, Blogger jjok said...

congrats on the new truck.....

At 4:04 PM, Blogger Gilain said...

I have an '04 Tundra for almost two years now. I got a smoking deal, and have enjoyed every minute of it. Gas at near $3 a gallon makes it tough- but I still am happy.


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