Friday, September 15, 2006

Been getting beat down whenever I play poker lately. It is a combination of my play and some variance I guess. I won a token the other night after I busted out of the Mookie. I am probably going to try and play one of the guarantees sometime this weekend to use it.

I have been playing mostly $25 SH NL on Party. I had been doing ok and made a couple withdrawals to do some promos here and there. I posted about getting beat down on I think playing the SH NL cash games have definitely affected my tourney game because you have to be so aggressive in the SH games. When I am in the tourneys, I need to tone it down a bit and be more patient. I also need to learn how to read my Poker Tracker stats so I know how I am doing overall. I have just been too lazy to read the guide so far. I also tried the monthly casino bonus on William Hill and lost my money this month. It is only a $40 match bonus, so it is not the end of the world, but indicative of how I have been running lately.

I posted that stupid KK hand last night, just because. I haven’t been posting much pokery goodness, especially hand histories, so that was a treat to be enjoyed by all.

Tonight I am having a home game, so hopefully a little live action will be good for me. My wife actually pushed me to pull it together. I have just been so busy with football; I haven’t taken the time to get it going. I have 9 so far for tonight so it will be a good time at least.

We have practice in the morning and then our big game on Sunday. I forget if I posted about the game coming up or not, but this team is a good one. They are 2-0, and their team won the National Championship last year. Yeah, the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP at this level. Luckily, that team moved up to the next level this year, but I am sure there are some holdovers from that team that we will be dealing with. If our team plays the way we can, but have yet to show, we will give them a good game. Even though it is only the 3rd game of the season, there are only 8 games, and to make the playoffs, you have to finish in the top 2 in the division. It is a big game indeed.

Speaking of football, check these out…

Football Pic 1
Football Pic 2
Football Pic 3
Football Pic 4 (Hit someone!)
Football Pic 5

I can just link to them because they have them protected from being copied. Great shots though. Number 98 in your program is my boy.

The blogger fantasy league this week has me up against the commish. It should be a good game. I just hope LJ can get his game going. Not a good thing that his QB is out and Willie Roaf retired yesterday. We’ll see how it goes. Good luck in the game KJ.


At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great fb pics. I miss those days. I'm a grandpa now.

And gl to you as well, although I woulndt mind one more slw week for LJ (hehe)


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