Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Finally another post...

Wow. I can’t believe it has been a full week since my last post. It is a busy time around here I guess. I haven’t been playing much lately, and the time I do I has been spent with football and work issues.

For a quick rundown of the last week, here we go. My last post was about the Mansion Steelers promotion. Thanks for the feedback all. I decided to not bother for a number of reasons. The biggest one, I think, is my natural paranoia on things that seem to good to be true. Good luck to all that did it and I hope the Steelers come through for you.

Kristin finished the painting I was having done for my wife. It looks great. I can’t wait until it dries and I get it. It will be a great addition to our dining room.

Football has been really busy. We had a bad scrimmage last week and the rest of the week we tried to get the team ready. We played our first game yesterday and lost by a point. We should have been able to beat that team, but didn’t get it done. It was a frustrating game on the road. We started off with the ball and went 4 and out. On the first play for the other team, they scored a 60 yard rushing TD. It was like we got hit in the head with a shovel. On the next kickoff, it hit one of our up men and they recovered. We were proud of the kids though, for settling down and coming back. We missed 2 extra points while they missed one and it cost us the game. We even got the ball on turnovers twice in the last 5 minutes but couldn’t turn it into any points. I was kind of embarrassed with the way I acted at the end of the game to be honest. We were on the road and the refs seemed to make some terrible calls against us. At the end of the first half, we called timeout and the ref said we didn’t call it in time and the half ended. Then with about a minute left, our QB said he got out of bounds but they kept the clock going saying he didn’t get out. Then, we had our QB spike the ball to kill the clock to get one more play off at the end and he again said we didn’t spike it fast enough and the game was over. We questioned it and he just smiled at us as the chain guys from the local team walked past them in the middle of the field. I was all fired up and ended up saying something like, yeah, go shake their hands. It wasn’t terrible, but I need to make sure I don’t do anything like that in front of the kids. We had our chances to win the game and didn’t. Even if we had another play at the end, we were still about 30 yards out, so getting it in the endzone was a very remote possibility. Unfortunately, we had to use up our timeouts when we had 4th downs a little earlier and just didn’t get it done. All in all, the kids did great and hopefully we will get them up for next week’s game.

I actually spent 2 hours going over game tape last night with the other coaches. We picked up who was missing their blocks and what we need to work on, so hopefully we can improve quickly enough to get a W this weekend.

On the poker front, I have been grinding away a little on Party. I took a hit over the weekend when I dropped about $100. I was down to about $300 so I cashed out $150 and am toiling away at the $25 tables still. I am going to use the cash out money to do a promo or 2 through Pokersavvy. I am going to try and see if I can get the Xbox 360 through them that we want to get for the kids for Christmas. It is a lot of points but if people keep signing up through me, I might be able to get it. Feel free to sign up, especially if you haven’t done the regular Mansion promo yet. $90 of easy money is just waiting to be had. Let me know if you have any questions on that one, but if you haven’t done it yet, you must just not like money.

I am working from home today because it is my middle son’s first day on the school bus for Kindergarten. My wife and I went with him on the bus on Friday so he could meet the teacher and the busdriver. He can’t wait to start today. Pretty funny.

Lastly, still waiting on finalizing the job thing. I was all ready to book a short trip for wifey and I in October, but without knowing exactly what I am doing yet, I just couldn’t book it. I really thought everything would be detailed by last week but no dice. I am hoping to hear something today. At least that is what the old boss told me on Friday.


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with Rothlisberger out, it looks like a must hedge now anyway.


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