Thursday, August 10, 2006

Football practice was relatively boring last night. After we ran the kids, we got the line in one group and the backs in another group. I helped teach the backs the formations we are going to run out of, and we went over some of the play wording for when they will be in motion. Finally, we went through 3 of the 29 plays we currently have in our playbook. I doubt we will end up using all of them, but at least we have started to get them used to everything.

Last night was a strange poker binge night. I decided to play a 45 SNG and started that about a half hour before the Mookie. I crapped out somewhere in the middle. Never got anything going at all in that one.

I lasted all of 7 minutes in the Mookie, and was second out, only to GCox, who at least ran QQ into AA. I had no such excuse. I got mixed up in a multi-way pot from the blinds with a couple suited rags. I think I called a min raise or something with multiple other callers. Of course the flop came out with 2 of my suit and Grupper lead out with with a small enough bet that I was priced in. I called and then it got min raised again after me by Hacker, then Grupper min raised back. I have to call 2 min bets, fold or push. Didn't even think about calling because of the action. I figured I had a good chance of having 2 come along for the ride if I pushed, clearly giving me great odds for my money. Being early, I decided to just go for it and push it in, knowing I was behind at least 1, probably both. If I hit my flush, I am in great shape, if not, I got play something else. Hacker folded but Grupper called with AA. My flush never came and IGHN in 44th (maybe?) of 45.

Since it was only 10:07pm at the time, I figured I couldn't be done for the night. I had given up going and playing live at the bar, which also started at 10pm, so I was going to play something else. I jumped into a $6 18 SNG turbo. I finished third when some dude decided, with 4th place all-in, and I bet on the J high flop, that I must be bluffing the dry side pot. Umm, not so much. After he called my bet, I checked it down with him until the river, when he also pushed. I had to call off another third of my stack, but the board wasn't scary other than the fact that the river had paired the board, but only with bottom pair. He wouldn't have stuck around with that on the flop bet would he? Umm, yeah, he did. I paid him off and didn't catch a hand after that. Any advice on that one? After my flop bet is called, should I have kept at it. I guess I should have, but with the guy all-in, I didn't. In hindsight, since I already made a play at the pot on the flop, I should have played it like I would any other hand, which I didn't.

I was still feeling like playing some (what addiction?) so I jumped into another $6 18 SNG. Finished around 10th. Nothing too memorable. At this point, it is midnight. I have to get up at 5am to get my new, early train, so I obviously go to bed. Right? Umm, wrong. Being the clear degenerate that I am, I am still looking for a quick fix to get me up for the night. Hmmm, so many choice. I pick...a 4 person Heads Up thingy. Never done that before, but what the hey, I say. $10 per person, winner take all.

The first dude I played, was so maddeningly slow, and lucky, I thought I was going to have an aneurysm. He didn't say a word, took forever to make his moves, and kept hitting his money card on the river after calling bets. I tried being aggressive and it worked sometimes. Finally I figured out that he would put out a min bet if he had anything because he knew I would raise. Anyway, it took a while but I finally got a 3-1 lead in chips when I was dealt...the suited Hammah. Oh yeah, he was the SB and raised pre-flop. I smooth called with my monster and the flop came Q 8 3 rainbow. He pushes, right into my monster. I naturally call as he flips over A10o. Obviously, that was no match for The Hammer and the turn brought my 7. The river was a blank, and we were finally done with the first match.

The other guy had been waiting for about 15 minutes and was just the opposite of the first guy. He still didn't say a word, but was fast to act on every street. I love playing it quick like that. We went back and forth for about 15 minutes and he started to piss me off when he called a couple pre-flop raises with crap and hit. Then when I had monsters, he would fold to the same raise. I might have even been guilty of saying a harsh word or 2 like, "oh, so now you found that Fold button?". Anyway, I got lucky with some nice cards and built up a stack. I sucked out on the last hand to take it down and finish up about $30 for the night after all was said and done.

The fact that I didn't get to bed until 1:30am, then had kids in and out of my room for the next few hours probably contributed to me taking the middle train this morning. Yeah, missed that first one. Oh well.

That's about all the rambling I have for today. Remember, blogger fantasy football. Oh yeah, and make sure you check out the latest items up for auction For Peyton.


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

You do either one of two things with that paired jack hand. You either check it down, or you go for the whole thing. If you're going to play the flop, you continue to make a play at it on fourth street, because now there's a side pot. Checking it down after you bet at this point is a mistake, especially if you have a hand. If you legitimately feel you're behind, then by all means, do check. But I think you should have bet fourth street here.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Good to see you at the tourney last night and at the same table no less. Too bad it wasn't for very long. Congrats on playing well and finishing up for the night in the other tourneys.


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