Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Monday

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I did. The weather here was beautiful, sunny without any humidity. It was great. We had football practice Friday and Saturday but we are skipping today so we can have a full 5 days in pads this week. We will be practicing from Tuesday through Saturday again. The team looks pretty good. Like I said before, I don’t know as much as I should about football but the head coach is really excited about how the kids are picking up the blocking schemes and the backs look pretty fast and sure handed so we will see. I am going to be working on the offensive side with another guy and the coaches are meeting tonight to review the kids and get me up to speed on the plays, etc. There is a lot more to learn coaching football I am finding. That is fine with me because I love doing it.

One thing is a concern though. My son has been complaining about pain in his feet. Even during baseball, after a game, he would have really sore feet, even struggling to walk around normally. He would limp around but be back at it the next day. I just chalked it up to growing pains or something. I know I used to have some soreness in my achilles when I was younger so I thought that he might have the same thing or something. He didn’t complain too much about it though, so I just ignored it for the most part.

Since football practices have started, he has been complaining more about it and was almost in tears on Friday night at the end of practice while we were running them. He finished but was clearly in pain. I told him to sit if he had to but he finished. I was talking to one of the other coaches about it and he said that a kid on his baseball team was having problems like that too. He was also a kid that was big for his age and it turned out that the growth plates in his feet weren’t keeping up with the rest of his body or something and it turned out that the kids actually had a fractured foot. Now sufficiently shaken, my wife is bringing him to doctors today to get it checked out. My son told me last night that it felt good all day yesterday, but I know he wasn’t just playing it up during practice. I know he is hurting so hopefully it will turn out to be something minor.

Saturday afternoon my wife and I were able to get out by ourselves for a few hours for our anniversary. We just hung out on the outside deck of a restaurant on the waterfront and it was great. Much drink and a late lunch was had before we had to go to my cousin’s 30th birthday party. We were there for about 3 and a half hours and the time flew. You know you found the right person when you can spend all that time chatting and the time flies by. After 12 years we apparently still have it.

Sufficiently lubed up, we had a great time on at the party too. By the time we got home that night, we were both about comatose so all in all, a great day.

Yesterday was pretty lazy as I got a little bit of yard work done and played some poker while the kids ran around like crazy in the yard. My wife was stuck at my sister’s wedding shower for most of the day.

I actually started my day off playing some poker on As part of a Pokersavvy promotion, I had deposited some cash there last week and had to collect some raked hands to get my Savvy points. I ended up getting up pretty early so I logged on as the kids were chilling in front of the TV and cranked up a $1/$2 limit table. I finished the promotion in a couple hours on just the one table. I was up a nice amount but then took a couple kicks to the groin. I finished down about $40 but cleared the bonus which gives me 750 Savvy points, which is basically the equivalent of $75 toward Target, iTunes or Party gift cards. Not too bad I guess.

After doing a few things around the yard, and getting sick of pulling weeds, I fired up the laptop again, this time out on the back deck and remembered that I had $10 from Absolute that they had given me about a month ago. I logged in and it was still there so I figured I would play with that a bit. I have wanted to play a little more Omaha so I looked and found only 1 game going at the time. It was a $1/$2 limit table. I think I must have had the awfukkits as I sat down at the shorthanded game. It was a 10 seated (or 9?) but there were only 4 others at the time. I got as high as $28 before I started losing some pots. I was down to $6 and it was looking like my $10 was going to bye bye. Then I hit a rush. I can’t remember much about the hands but it doesn’t really matter. Basically, I got up to $67, lost one small pot and logged off with $64 in my account. Not a bad ROI huh?

I pulled myself away to cook dinner for the kiddies and I also had to drive my sister to Boston to catch a train back to NYC. When I got home, wifey was off to another gathering so, after getting my run in (oh yeah, did 11 miles on the bike on Saturday too) and the kids to bed, it was back at it. I played a little bit of pot limit Omaha on to try and grab a few bucks back. I did win a few, but know that I don’t know the game well enough to risk too much there. I was talking to Drizz and he said that people can have initial success and then think it is easy. I know it can be brutal so I didn’t want to be like those peeps and lose the rest of what I have there. I decided I needed to jump into a 45 SNG toward the challenge. At the same time, I fired up a $20 180 SNG. I finished in the middle of the pack in the 180, as I never really got anything going. In the 45 though, I got some nice cards and finished in 3rd to temporarily take the lead in the challenge. I had a somewhat early hand when I got pocket K’s and got someone to follow me to the river. There was a flush on the board and an outside possibility that a straight could have been made. I checked the river and he pushed, which would have crippled me if I lost. I thought about it and his betting (actually calling) hadn’t made sense for the flush or straight so I made the call. He had bottom pair! My overpair took it down and I was off to the races. Those $1 45 SNGs can be crazy. I went to the final table second in chips and didn’t end up with too many good cards. We got to 3 hands and I was the small stack. I pushed with pocket 3’s against the big stack. He called with A10o and he didn’t get either so I…oh wait. I got counterfeited on the river which 2 pairs on the board so his ace kicker took it. Boooo. I hate going out like that, but who doesn’t right?

Anyway, it was a productive poker day. After seeing Tripjax and Drizz both book 45 SNG wins over the weekend, I needed those points. It is going to be race to the finish in the challenge. There are a lot of game s to be played by many of the participants still and the points just keep piling up.

That’s it for me.


At 11:53 AM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Wow, that challenge is definitely in full force. I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone comes from behind to take the lead. when is the deadline for this current challenge?

At 1:18 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

2 weeks from yesterday Matt. August 20th is the final day to get them in. Should be a race to the end, that is for sure.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Right after that one I was one off the final table.

So close to cashing in back-to-back tourneys. But my 60/40 didn't hold up.


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