Thursday, July 20, 2006

Poker is not always nice; more blogger meetups?

Poker was not my friend last night. Not that I lost a lot or anything, but the game was unkind. I started my night off at the bar league. I played fine, pushed a guy when I had him covered by about 3 times when the flop was all clubs, he bet out 1K and I have the Ac in my hand. He thought for a second before called with his made flush Q high. I made my flush on the river to put him out. Hmm, I guess poker didn’t really hate me until it counted actually.

We were down to about 18 players left from the original 64 and I had been card dead for the last half hour. The blinds were at 1k/2k and I had 4k left. I got A5o at a 5 person table and pushed in MP and was insta-called by the big blind who had K6s. Now, I know he pretty much had to call so I can’t complain too much that he spiked his K and my 60-40 favorite when bye bye, as did I. He was just a little too cocky about his big K and that put me off a little but not a big deal.

I left the bar and was afraid I might miss the registration for the Mookie. I really wanted to play in it too. So pathetically that I even called MiamiDon and told him that I might need him to log in for me and get me registered. My wife had come down to the bar to check it out and as we were getting ready to leave, 2 of our friends came in. This, of course, led to much chatter as I checked my watch about every 3 or 4 seconds because I knew the Mookie hour was approaching. Anyway, I made it just in time, with 1 minute to spare I think, and off I went.

I played fine for a stretch, even took all of pastamancer’s chips when we got it all in on a 7 high flop after pasta bet out and I pushed with my pocket Qs. I took a big hit against bthecloser69 when I refused to believe that he had flopped the straight with A4o and the flop was 5 3 2 and I was holding K5 in the BB. I bet out and he called the flop, we checked the turn and he lead out a big bet on the end. I paid him off when I made a bad read that he had missed his draw and was trying to take it away. Oops.

At that point we were down to the mid 20’s left from the original 50 and I had to tighten it up and steal where I could. I didn’t have much luck chipping up, but managed to keep my stack even as the blinds came and went. Then, the poker gods decided to smack to down once again when I got my chips in ahead. Shadowtwin had limped UTG and it folded to me on the button and I had AQh. I didn’t want to see a flop and figured I was probably a coin flip if he had a hand, but more than likely, I could take the chips on the table. I pushed my last 1400 or so and the blinds folded, leaving Shadowtwin with a decision to call off about a third or more of his stack after investing 150 with the limp. He thought for a while and then called with The Donkey. KJd. He spiked the K, I didn’t improve, IGHN, and I pout a little, lol. Not sure who went on to take it, I haven’t read up much yet this morning. Tripjax was out to a big stack though. I think Shadow was in second after our hand.

By that time it was about 11:30pm and I decided I had had enough of poker for the night. I didn’t get any 45 SNGs in, but I should be able to tonight.

Oh yeah, I had another blogger meeting yesterday. Johnny Mac and I grabbed lunch since we found out we worked so close, and I needed to get a good look at this guy that is kicking us around in the 45 SNG Challenge. He is a great guy and we have a lot in common as we talked about the rugrats, the daily grind of suburban commuter life, and of course, pokah. He even was crazy enough to invite me to his Friday night home game this week with his buddies. Not sure I can make it this time (so the boss says), but I hope to make one of his future monthly games. I am sure they are a great group to sling chips with.

On the subject of blogger meetups, we may have one brewing for November at Foxwoods. Foxwoods hosts the “World Poker Finals” series from October 28th-November 16th. They have a schedule of all their events on their website. Bone Daddy has already said that he is shooting to play in the event on Saturday, November 4th, which is a NLHE, $1200 event. It is limited to 1,000 entrants and I am hoping that there are some online satellites offered over the next couple months. Either way, I am going to go down there to at least meet and rail Eric, but my hope is to get in myself. I probably won’t be able to finish 7th or better like him, but I would love to take a shot. The direct buy-in is above my bankroll at this point, but if I can find some satellite action, I will be on it. I know others have expressed some interest in going that weekend as well. If you are in the area, or can be, start planning. I have already cleared it with the calendar keeper at my house so hopefully others can make it too.

That’s all there is today folks. If you see me on yahoo, say hi.


At 10:25 AM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am up for it..

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Grinditout said...

I promise I will play at least 1 45 tonight, possibly 3 or 4. Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately I will be a week short of 21 and the gf will be 2 months short. However, I would greatly appreciate a recommendation for an Italian Restaurant. Anything else you want to recommend for August 3, 4, 5 to do in Boston would be much appreciated also.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Johnny Mac said... for the mookie results (from tripjax site).

was a pleasure at lunch as well. great having a face to put to a fake-name. maybe some regional blogger tournaments should start-up...

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Man, that Foxwoods trip is tempting. I don't think I will be able to spare the vacation time for it, though. Plus, that is a long ass drive for me.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

i plan to continue playing in Full Tilt's winner's choice tourneys. if i get lucky, i might select that one. never been to AC.


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