Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On the board and meeting a blogger

I was able to get in one 45 SNG last night toward the challenge and I am happy to say I am on the board. I ended up taking second when I got really impatient for some reason heads up, after only a couple hands. I went over the top hoping to get the villain lay down his hand after a raise but he called with A6 vs my Q2 (hee haw, hee haw). He had me covered but I could have easily gotten back into it if I was more patient. I guess the 2 hour tourney was getting to me or something, even though I had to use a lot of patience to get there in the first place. I don’t remember much, and I can say I don’t at all remember any suckouts, so I was happy with the results. The best hand for me was dropping the hammer when the blinds were 600/1200 and there were about 5 left. I was on the button and raised to 3600 and the big blind called right away. I bet another 3600 on the flop and he folded. Pres Dave was railing and we got a chuckle out of it. Actually, you would have thought this was a WSOP sat or something by the fact that I had up to 4 railers with Dave, Guin, Gilain, and jjok at varying times shouting out encouragement and insults. This, of course, was more important than a WSOP sat,. It was a $1 45 SNG, but toward the challenge. You can’t top that. I won $10. Vegas, here I come.

I didn’t get started with poker until around 9pm last night because when I got home, I had the new power supply that I needed for the pc that had died last week. I cracked open the case, pulled out the old one, put in the new one, connected 3 of the 4 plugs and as I was plugging in the main plug on the motherboard, I noticed it was only a 16 pin plug, not a 20 pin plug. Hmmm. Not being nearly geeky enough apparently, I called tech support to make sure that if I turned it on, it would catch on fire or anything. After much searching by my overseas friend, I was told it was fine and that it was just a different model power supply. It seems that it is a 250W supply as opposed to the 300W that was originally in it. Does that matter at all? Looked like the only difference was that there were extra expansion cables off the old supply that I doubt I would ever use anyway. Alas, I am up and running and after downloading a new driver for the USB Wireless adapter I had for that machine, I am all set up in the new room. Crap, I still need to get those pictures. Grr.

Today I have plans to meet another blogger for lunch. Johnny Mac is part of the challenge and although Don installed him as the dark horse, he is currently in the lead and kicking some butt. I had first talked to John during one of the freerolls. I think it was the pokersource online freeroll but I am not sure. Anyway, last week, when I missed my train and put up a blackberry post about sitting in Clark’s after missing my train, he realized that we work about 2 blocks away from each other. We decided to meet up for lunch today so if I disappear, let my wife know I was last seen at Deli One on Arch street ok? Kidding Johnny.

I have had the pleasure of my NYC blogger homegame and also my Vegas friends meetups with bloggers so far. I was bummed out to miss the WPBT event this month but am looking forward to meeting John today and a possible Foxwoods tourney meeting up in November with Eric, aka Bone Daddy and possibly others.

Good times people.


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Johnny Mac said...

total random observation - i have never gone by johnny. it's always john, mac, or johnny mac, but never johnny. it's something i'm still getting used to as it is quite common in the online world when johnnymac gets shortened down to johnny.

i think i broke my toe last night, so i'll be the guy limping in, just like keyser soze.

At 11:06 AM, Blogger MHG said...

Thanks for the mookie link.

Sadly, I have a (free) live concert to go to with the gf right after work tonight.

I guess it isn't really a sad thing... but, you know... poker.

I think I broke my thumb last week? I've been holding it all crippled like Keyser Soze, too.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Dude, when is this November gathering?

At 12:59 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

Jordan, Eric is playing in the NLHE tourney on Saturday, November 4th at Foxwoods it looks like. I won't be buying in to that one but if I can catch a satellite in I will play too. Either way, I am going to try and head down there to meet up with anyone that may come from the area. I think Hoy mentioned a possible interest too but I think it is just forming up now. Hope you can make it too.


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