Friday, June 02, 2006

Meet up with Miami Don and Carmen Sin City

This is going to be an abbreviated post from the blackberry but wanted to
get an update out there.

I met up with Don and Carmen at MGM. I had been playing some 2/4 limit No
Foldem at the Alladin. After being brutalized there, I gave Don a call and
walked down to meet them.

It is cool getting to meet people that you feel like you know a litle about
from online, in person. They are both super nice and were willing to find
a tourney to play then, knowing I am not a big (ie, good) cash player. I
knew I was going to need to take off and meet my buddies after not too long
so I decided to give the cash a shot. You know, when in Rome.

I bought into the 200 table that Don was at with 100. I was playing super
tight when I got A6d on the button. I limped with 4 others and the flop
gave me an Ace. I bet out 10, the pot and only my buddy mullet called me.
The turn was a 6, giving me 2 pair. With 30 on the pot, I bet 20 and he
flat called. I had him on a strong A. The river was a 3. The then lead
out with 40. I made the crying call thinking something was up and he had
45o to give him the gutshot rivered straight. Bahh.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out another 50 in case I picked up
another hand. While I was continually folding, mullet left and was
replaced with a guy that Don knew from the poker scene. He immediately
starting getting the action going, playing mostly anything. You could tell
he was good, and didn't care too much. He was chatting it up and having a
good time.

Luckily for me, he was to my immediate left. I picked up bullets in the
small blind and after 4 or 5 limpers (I think), I bumped it to 10 to go.
Loose guy quickly raised it to 20. My first thought was to reraise a small
amount again but figured he would have just flat called it. Since my stack
was only about 40 more or so, I pushed. He immediately called me and I
showed the rockets. He said something like, very nice, but didn't show his
cards until the board was complete.

He had 89c and had hit a pair on the flop and I think ended up with both a
straight and a flush draw, but I doubled up.

I got a couple hand after that too before my buddy called me to go meet
him. I finished up a whole 13 on the session, but felt pretty good about
getting out of the hole.

Next update: Caesars Tourney


At 10:53 AM, Blogger jjok said...

Got the update from your wifey last night about the caesar's fun.....can't wait to read the post.


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