Saturday, May 20, 2006

Suckout City Home Tourneys

We ended up with 21 people last night at my house for an impromptu home tourney. $20 a person with the top 4 spots cashing. We played 2 tourneys over the course of the night. I finished 6th in the first and 5th in the second. I just love the bubble!

It is always interesting in the home games because we usually end up with a few people that don't really know what they are doing. It makes for some fugley beats. People chasing gutshots and flushes with no odds at all. Anyway, it was a good time, although some of the suckouts were huge.

In the first game, I was down to felt after losing a hand where I had middle pair and I pushed into a guy that I know well and I know how he plays. I figured that if he didn't have top pair, he would lay it down. Unfortunately, the blind were so big and whipping around, that he ended up calling me with a pair that was above my middle pair but below the top pair on the board. He gave it a lot of thought before making the good call.

Down to only 1 blind, I got pocket biatches but the BB had a K and the board helped him and I was out. No big deal and no bad beat there. Just bad luck.

After I went out in that one, and it got down to 3 players, the end came quickly. The same guy who put me out was a big chip leader. He raised on the button 3 handed and the SB pushed. The SB had pocket 10's and the chip leader had pocket 9's. On the flop, the chip leader got one of his 2 outs and the SB was out of the game.

Now down to 2, on the next hand, the SB calls and the BB/big stack min-raises. The SB pushed and the BB called. It was a big call too, huge pot that would have flipped the balance of the game for the SB as the new chip leader if he won.

The SB had pocket Aces while the BB/chip leader had A4c. The flop game the SB a set of Aces but came with 2 clubs. Yup, the turn completed the flush and the river was no help and the game was over to much shouting and whining. Talk about a luckbox.

In the second game, when it was down to 5, I was again a smaller stack but was able to steal some blinds, but still had only about 2 big blinds left. The big stack, who was the SB from the first game who's Aces got cracked, was in the BB and I was in the cutoff. Five handed, that means there was only 1 fold at the time, but when it got to me, I had J10o with only a couple hands to go. With 4th only paying $40, I played to win by pushing and trying to again take down the blinds. The blinds were at 2k/4k and I had 8.5k. There were only about 80k in chips altogether though, so it was a substantial amount that would put a big dent in the BB if he called and lost.

After much deliberation, he says, "I am sure you have me but I think I have to call" and flips up J9c. wOOt, I have him dominated. The flop comes down 8c 9s Qc giving me a flopped straight! Umm, but wait a minute, now he has a flush draw. The turn is a blank spade, and as someone says, "Chris is hoping for something red!", the river brings the fucking 3c and I am kicked so hard in the junk, I feel like I have been castrated.

It was 3am and I was pissed. I felt bad after because I was whining and complaining too much but that just sucked. I guess it was justice for him for getting his Aces cracked in the first game but still. Anyway, they eliminated 1 more and the top three split the rest so we could call it a night.

Oh well, no addition to my Vegas bankroll unfortunately. It was fun though. Hope to see you at the Absolute Freeroll (if I end up making it that is).


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