Friday, May 26, 2006

Mookie and WWdN- Not the Updates

I was out of the office yesterday on a field trip. My 5 yr old had a class trip that was a harbor cruise so I took the day off. It was a beautiful day here and the trip was a lot of fun. I don't get a lot of time like that alone with each of the kids.

I am going to be out of the office all of next week also, so work is pretty busy today. This will be a quick one but didn't want to miss another day of posting. Next week I am not sure how much I will be posting. My youngest turns 3 on Sunday so we are having a big party and I don't plan on too much poker this weekend. Posts next week all depend on whether I can get the mobile blogging going in the right direction. I am going to be in Vegas from Wednesday until Saturday (sweet!) so I won't have access to a PC and I won't be coherent enough to post anyway. A short bberry post here and there is a possibility though.

On Wednesday night, I did get to play in the Mookie. This one is getting a consistent following of about 40 and this was no exception with 42 players. Nice job pulling it together Mookie. I don't remember much but I got to the final table with a healthy stack but made a mistake when I thought Waffles was trying to steal and I pushed with A10o. This was on the bubble of course, and he turned over AKo. Luckily, the Mookie is at River Stars and I hit the nut flush, which also made me a straight on the river when a 10 of spades fell. A little bit later, my buddy Trip was the unfortunate bubble boy in my place. I got mine a bit later and was out in 3rd, leaving an epic battle between jjok and waffles for the title. It was good that I got out of the way of that one, because we all got a treat with the seesaw battle they had. jjok ended up taking it down in the end.

Last night, after the wife and I went out and did some party food shopping, I got hope in time to play the WWdn-Not the. Since Darval moved the time up to 10:30pm EST, I gave it a go. There ended up being 18 players, which was a nice increase over last week. The deck was hitting me in the face early and I was a huge chip leader after doubling through the host when I flopped a set of 3's after a raise, re-raise preflop. The next big hand I had, just before the final table, was when I cracked both AA and KK with my 10s when I flopped another set.

Down the final table, smokkee was able to chatter his way into my head. Well played, sir. He was pretty short stacked and when it folded to him in the SB and he pushed on me, I thought long and hard before folding the Tourist. He proceeded to show his A4 soooted, which would end up being the only time I would have to get him. Of course, a call in that situation would have been somewhat stupid, even though he was the short stack. Also, this is River Stars, so there is no guarantee I would have won the hand even with the domination in effect.

Alas, he did a great job of pounding away at me until I could take it no more and pushed on him...just he got his pocket rockets. He had already lifted a bunch of chips off others so it was a big chunk of me at that point. From there, I was admittedly tilted. I pushed on Hoyazo later with A2 soooted. I don't remember what he had, but lost and was put out of my misery. I made a lot of mistakes and my cards were ridonkulously bad at the final table. I did a lot of stealing to keep in it for a while, but I was destined to give my chips up to these 2 clowns. They both have a very good style that keeps you guessing all the time. At one point, I raised Hoyazo's blind and he came over the top and I folded the better hand. On the next hand, I raised it up again and he did the exact same thing. That was just begging for a call, which I luckily did not answer. He had the aces that time.

My biggest mistake late, was when I got my pocket aces and it folded around to me and I raised it up on Hoyazo's BB again. He folded that time of course. I should have limped because he loves to raise it up and punish the limpers. At that point, I was already defeated though. This can be a mental game. I hate to tune of the chat in a blogger event, but in some cases, that is what I may have to do when it gets to a critical stage.

Great job to Hoyazo for taking it down, and also big ups to smokkee for making it to heads up and coming really close to taking it down. With only 1k in chips to start the final table, it was quite a run.

Have a good weekend all.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

clowns need chips too. gg in the WWdN not. i got lucky when i needed to.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Good times...thanx for ringing me up on the girlie chat thingy. I still say you had no business having rockets against my 2 pair. Damn big stack non-bluff bluff! :p

Congrats on making it to 3rd. Have a great weekend.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Keep the run going in Vegas...good luck while your out there. Hope you get the mobile blogging working.


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