Friday, May 19, 2006

Absolute Free Money

I got very little poker in last night. It was wifey time once she got home from running some errands last night. While she was out though, I did venture onto Absolute to see what I could do with my free $10 that they sent me an email about last week. My choices were either a low limit cash game or a low buy-in SNG with my little poker bonus cash, and given my suckingness at the cash games, I figured my best bet to be the SNG.

I bought into a $6+1 (why the $5 tables are only heads up is beyond me) while also trying to catch up on a few blogs through Bloglines. Before I knew it, it was the 3rd level and 3 were already out. Ok, time to focus on the game I guess. I have no details, nothing really comes to mind, but before long, I was heads up with a little bit larger stack.

My heads up skillz have been atrocious lately and the cards were not helping me. Still, I think I am trying to play aggressively, only to get played back at when I am raising with a less than great hand. I need to start playing a few heads up SNGs to get some practice and figure out my leaks in this part of my game. Anyway, to make a long story short, I lost heads up for a $16.50 score.

I then sat at a short handed NL cash game with $10 at a 10c/25c table. It was a short buy-in with the rest of the table at around $20 each. No big stacks. I was getting beaten up by people chasing flushes and hitting on the river when I was betting with TPTK. I wasn’t giving them odds, but they didn’t care. It happened twice actually. I was down as low as $3 when I won a couple small pots to get me to $6 and then I caught a boat and got my all in called to double me up and make me a whole $2, wOOt. Just as that hand was over, wifey got home so she probably saved me from giving it back. The bottom line is that I have a little over $20 now so the build is on baby!

I have a pretty big group of guys coming to the house tonight for a home game. I have been too busy over the last month to plan out my next big home tourney and the next month or 2 will continue to be busy with work, kiddo’s sports, and the summer. Not wanting to go too long without having another nice sized game, I sent an email to my list of home tourney players as a last minute idea. I sent it on Monday and it looks like I might get 3 full tables for tonight’s game.

I will recap the madness over the weekend sometime if I can. The weekend is filled with baseball games on both Saturday and Sunday (makeup games) and a first communion party for my god daughter. What a weird term.


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