Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Andrew's Birthday

No, my son doesn’t read my blog, but, for my own sake really, I wanted to say:

Happy Birthday Andrew. It is really possible that you turn 9 years old today?

It seems like only yesterday when your mother and I were nervously sitting and walking around the hospital during 30 hours of labor. Like most new parents, we went to the hospital way too early and waited anxiously for your arrival. Two days later, the nurse was whisking you away from us to put you under the lights because of some test they took. We were so scared and thought something terrible was happening. A day and a half later, we busted you out of there and spent 3 nights on the couch at home, while you wore a weightbelt with ultraviolet lights for your jaundice. We didn’t even sleep in our own bed because we thought if we moved you, it might slow down the process. The immediate love you feel for your kids is indescribable and, sometimes, unsettling. Even though that initial “test” in life was actually very insignificant (as we found out later), there will be greater tests and challenges for you as the years go on.

We have stood by and watched you learn to walk, talk, become an athlete, become a great big brother, a well liked friend, and a great student. The sky is the limit for you.

You have grown into a great kid. I refuse to call you a young man yet. My only hope, as it is for your brothers, is that you continue to grow to be a caring, thoughtful, respectful, and most of all happy person. I hope that you will pursue your dreams and make the most out of any opportunities that are within your reach. We will always be here to support you in whatever challenges you face in life.


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