Thursday, March 30, 2006

Honey, have I mentioned my Blog?

I am very happy with my new banner, and last night, while sitting on the couch with drewsmum, I showed it to her. Much to my surprise, she was shocked that I even had the site in the first place.

Over the last few months, there have been occasions where I had the laptop and feverishly typing away. She had asked me what I was up to and I remember telling her that I was writing about poker, etc. Apparently, I never really came right out and explained the whole blog thing directly. I never intentionally hid it, but maybe subconsciously, knowing that blogging was ghey, I was embarrassed about her reaction to it.

She knew I was meeting people online, chatting, and talking through Yahoo while playing poker. She just made (makes)fun of me about my “fake friends” and ignored it for the most part. She might look over at me with my dorky headset and laugh every once in a while, but no big deal.

After I showed her the banner, she was very interested immediately. “What the heck is that?” “You have your own page?” “Who is Katitude and why is she so spectacular!?” Pretty funny that the day I show her the thing, my last post is titled “Katitude Rocks” huh? After I quickly explained how Kat rocked and how I really had just met her, etc., she was cool.

She then read that post and my WWdN post. She looked like she was almost embarrassed for me. That’s how good my blog is, haha. She also had a million questions. What is WWdN? What is A6o? Why does Katitiude rock again? Why are you writing personal stuff on this thing? Can’t people find you?

After I relieved her fears about our house being robbed by bloggers and me not having a blogger affair, she kept reading. When she got to the Tryout post about our son, she was in tears. I think she thought, although the poker crap was totally boring, that it was kinda cool that I was putting some of this stuff down. Not sure about that, but I think so at least.

After letting her read for a while, I pointed her to CC’s posts about Poker and Relationships that everyone has been talking about lately. It is very timely stuff for us and she was enthralled. She even paused Lost while she kept reading. She kept saying, hey that sounds like, hey that sounds like you. Hmm, that’s not good. I think she was kidding, although she did say she was going to send him email. Uh-oh.

As far as poker goes, I almost jumped into Mookie’s tourney that started at 10pm. It looked like a fun crowd and I almost signed up during the late registration time. Ultimately, I decided it was best to resist the urge and actually accompany why wife to bed and get a full night sleep. I had been up until 2am the night before after the WWdN so I needed the sleep. Congrats to Kat for taking it down. I think it had everything to do with the good karma she pulled by designing my new banner.

Drewsmum is off to Florida tomorrow with 3 girlfriends and staying until Monday. Once the kids are in bed, it will be a poker filled weekend. See you at the tables.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Drewsmum rocks for not giving Drewspop a hard time. She's a lot like TripWife.

Cool wives rock.

At 4:58 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

You got that right man. I knew that before last night, but that was some good stuff too.

btw, she just called and asked if I had given our address to my "fake friends". I apparently have a bounty waiting for me at home ;)

At 6:49 PM, Blogger phat said...

oh god drewspop i hope she doesn't find out about us :(

At 7:19 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

huma, i thought i told you not to leave comments, she can read those too you know

At 9:50 PM, Blogger katitude said...

Cool husbands rock too...considering the proportion of men to women on here, he's been very cool with the amount of people I've met on here that happen to be testosterone based life-forms.

P.S. Tell Drewsmum that it's not me that's her!


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