Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Home Tourney Recap-Updated with Photo finally

So the snow did hold off for the tourney at my house. Ended up with 43 people in total, which was a good crowd. I played pretty well, I think. I finished 10th, which missed the final table, and the cash, by 3 spots, but I was happy with my decisions. I had a little bit below average stack when we were down to 10, with 2 tables of 5 people each. The blinds were up to 1500/3000 and I had about 12000 in chips, with the average being at about 16000. I did have the short stack at my table and went completely card dead. I swear I didn’t get anything higher than a 10 for about 10 straight hands, and was just getting bludgeoned when I was in the blinds. It was a bad way to go out, basically being blinded out, but I didn’t have the balls (nor a big enough stack at that point) to try and push to steal. When I was down to about 2500, I did get AK and pushed then, but ended up getting beat by a small pair.

That set up the final table just a little while later. The final table was painful to watch. There was only 1 woman in the field, and she tore it up. Ran over everyone until that point and ended up taking the top stop. That was not the painful part. She is a very good player, so I was glad she won it. The part that made it painful was the fact that she was complete shitfaced, and still managed to kick ass. Makes me think about what a crappy player I must be. Actually, she got lucky on a couple hands after she made bad calls but outdrew her opponent. Hey, with the stack she had, she could afford to take chances and they paid off.

The final hand was great. She was bobbing all around, my buddy that was dealing kept telling me he swore she was gonna puke all over him (this is good, Al Can’t Hang stuff). She has 98h in the BB, and the SB calls. She literally takes 5 minutes to understand whether she should check or raise. Kept saying we were making her nervous, asking how many chips she had to put in, blah blah blah. I thought the other dude was gonna kill her. Finally, she just checked. The flop comes out 6h 5d 10h. The SB says, “all right, let’s get this over with” and pushes his last 27K in. She had him covered by about 5-1. She thinks and thinks and thinks. She kept asking if I could help her, blah blah blah. Finally, she asked how many to put in and calls. She has the St8 flush draw and he flips over a 10 and a 5 for 2 pair. When he sees her hand, he knew he was in trouble. The turn brought the 7d and that was it. I ended up passing the cash over to her husband, who was a little more sober, and playing in a side game, which he just stuffed in his pocket.

With the main tourney done, and a pint of Jack in me, I got into a side game myself while she disappeared. I figured she was either gonna pass out, or puke as soon as she left the room. That would have been the best things for me and my house.

About 10 minutes after my game started, I could hear something going on in the other part of the basement, which is my kids playroom. A couple people came in cracking up, while a couple others looked a little horrified. When you have 50 people in your house and 6 tables of poker going, you are pretty happy usually. I was content to ignore the chaos and focus on my game. A minute later someone says to my wife (who was also playing a different side game, not sure I like having to finance both of us, but anyway) that there was something going on out in the playroom.

What you see above, is a perfect imprint of the tourney winner’s ass, against my basement wall!

Apparently, she lost her balance and fell backward into the wall, full force and went right through it. Dude is over fixing it today, no harm done.

The moral of the story, I guess, is keep the shots of Jack to a minimum when playing poker at a friends house.

I ended up splitting the last side game of the night, which we started with 7 guys at about 1:45am for $25 each. I took $85 from that when we got down to 2 of us and it was 3am. The snow was starting to get bad so we split. Another successful home tourney ;-)


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