Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Psychosis

Thanks to everyone for the comments about the 200 posts. Glad that, for whatever reason, some people find the crap I spew out on here somewhat interesting (?). Maybe like a train wreck or something. Anyway, I appreciate it, just like the support when I started talking about Crazy Neighbor. And yes, I do have more on that.

Well, I know this is getting old fast, but oh well. My buddy called me yesterday to tell me that Crazy Neighbor called the cops on us. As they promised to do when the officer visited them last week, they called yesterday to say that they were being harassed by their neighbor across the street. That we (my son) was flipping them off. So basically they have taken it to lying to the law enforcement officials to get back at us for calling about them calling my wife a bitch. Lovely.

My son is deathly afraid of those psychos and would never have flipped them, or anyone else off. He knows he would get his butt beat, but it isn’t an issue. I know he didn’t do it. The psycho isn’t very smart though. When the officer got there, she proceeded to complain about the officer that came last week. I found out that she called the station to file a complaint against him, but was too lazy to actually follow through by going down and filling out a complaint.

My wife was very upset. We have never had anything to do with the police, other than having them over for cards. I mean, I know at least 20 of the officers in town personally, having grown up here and such. She is worried that psycho will keep calling and lying until she calls 3 times, and then will file a criminal harassment complaint. I guess that is how it works. Wifey is afraid we will have to pay a lawyer to defend ourselves, etc. I don’t buy it. Psycho also told the officer that she was afraid for her son’s safety on the bus. Luckily, my one of the coaches, with me, for my son’s baseball team was the school principal. He knows my son, his character, and us. He also knows psycho, not surprisingly from other issues. Not surprisingly, I think she is barking up the wrong tree here.

This woman is a bully who preys on weak people. She had no problem yelling at my 9 year old when we weren’t around, but whenever we have seen her at a party, she would never even looked at me. I am fighting the urge to call over there and blast them, big time, but I am going to be looking out for the husband this weekend and hopefully I can talk to him and find out what the psycho’s problem with us is. It is worth a shot anyway. Unfortunately, I am feeling so paranoid lately about them, that I feel like I need to carry a mini recorder if I do talk to them, even out in the open. I would love it if I could get a cop to stand there and hear me talk to them and ask what the problem is. I just want to tell them to leave us alone and we will do the same. We will never be friends, but I don’t need enemies either. It would just be easiest that way. Wifey is beside herself and it is all bullshit. Anyway, like I said before, I don’t really know what they can do, but I do know that we have had a number of other neighbors say they would stick up for us if need be. It is all just so bizarre.

Poker was pretty non eventful last night. I was playing 2 $25 NL tables on Party and got up to a total of about $75 combined but gave back $15 of my $25 profit on one hand. I played the hand horribly so I deserved it. I ended up playing for about 2 hours I think and basically broke even. Weeeeeee.

I got all the money paid out to the 45 SNG winners. I now need to come up with a strategy with the money I have sprinkled about. I will try to come up with something after practice tonight.

Last thing is the job. I fought the urge to call my old boss for an update this morning. I thought that the HR person was in yesterday so I should hear something today about the details of what their offer was going to be. He called me at lunchtime just to say that the HR person had just come back from vaca today, and he was meeting with her tomorrow to discuss my deal and he would call me sometime tomorrow. I at least have that to focus on, but that is also stressful. Not just the offer but if I do take it (95% sure I will), when I will start so that it doesn’t interfere with football. Then I need to figure out when wifey and I can get away for a few days, since we were supposed to go to Orlando in November to a conference I was going to speak at. I will be bailing on the conference if I take this job though, and I will be just starting, and pretty busy. All the little details are starting to piss me off to be honest. Oh well, life could be much worse.

I just picked up a couple tickets for the Pats preseason game against the Redskins on Saturday night. My buddy and I are taking the boys so it should be fun. No one wants to go to the preseason games so I got a deal. Ok, that’s it. Knock em dead out there. If you are on my street, don’t slow down if you see any psychos crossing slowly.


At 2:43 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

What a bummer. It sucks that you now have to worry about the psychos messing with your family.

Good luck with the new job possibility.


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