Monday, August 14, 2006

I blew it on Saturday

Yup, I blew it. The tourney went just like I expected. Well, the turnout did at least. There were only 31 people there. I only needed to get in the top 16 to move on to the state tourney and I blew it.

My tourney really came down to 1 hand. I was card dead through the first 2 levels and played maybe 2 or 3 hands, including blinds. In the middle of the third level, with blinds at 50/100, I am in the BB with J 10o. The flop come 8 10 J giving me top 2 pair. Being first to act of 3 players, I underbet the pot, wanting to keep people in. That was my first mistake. The MP limper calls my bet as does the button limper. The turn is an A. I bet out 200, still looking weak and the MP raises to 500. The button folds and I call. I completely misplayed this already, but at this point, I figure he hit his A. I check the turn and he bets 1000. Not a huge bet, and for whatever reason at the time, I still think I have this, but I just call. He shows me his obvious straight and I am crippled with 1400 left as we go to break. I am the BB after the break at 100/200 blinds.

I am surprised at how poorly I played that hand. I should have known I was bet at the turn. I had never played with the guy before, but he seems solid enough. He wasn't involved in very many hands to that point, so he had to have something strong to start with. Even if he didn't have the straight, he could have beaten me with so many other possiblities at that point. He could have had 2 higher pair or a set. I rushed and paid the price.

At the break, only 2 people had gone out and I was in push and pray mode. I continued to get horrible cards. After the blinds passed me, I stole once from early position with K5s, then the blinds hit me again. My patience paid off briefly as I got bullets on my next BB and was called by some dude who was in all kinds of pots with A4. I double up to 2800.

On the next hand, I got AQ and bumped it to 300 and was called by a MP tight weak player (who ended up winning it, grr). The flop came K high rainbow and he bet out 500 and I had to lay it down. From there, I basically got blinded out as the blinds went to 200/400 and I had watched a couple orbits of horrendous cards with no steal opportunities. At least none I was willing to take the chance on, hoping people would start to drop. I raised to 800 at on point with A10 into an unraised pot and was reraised all in by the TAG on my left. I would have had to call off my whole stack, except for 200 in chips. I went in the tank and folded it face up after about 2 minutes. She showed AK.

Anyway, I feel like I definitely blew it with that one hand. It is going to be real tough to qualify for the second semi annual this year because I just can't get there enough. Even if I can get there, and get to a final table, it all boils down to the cards, as I have whined about the structure of these bar tourneys over and over.

As for online poker, I did play some last night. I am making an effort to start playing some cash games. I have been twisting and turning, and basically stagnant in my bankroll for some time now. With my points from Pokersavvy, I finally ordered Poker Tracker this weekend, as well as a $100 Party gift card. I am going diving into the fish tank at Party, starting with the $25 NL tables. I know that is not enough of a bankroll for that, but I have other money to supplement it when necessary in neteller already.

Since I finished my promotion, I had about $75 left there. I played a little bit of limit and was down to about $65 when I decided to make the switch. The traffice there is pretty light, so I ended up taking a roller coaster ride at the only $100 NL table that was going. It started with only 6 people but filled up after a while. Again, I realize this was not the best idea, but I sat down with $50 and played for a while. I was down as low as $35 at one point but played pretty solid I thought. I ended up clearing $10 of bonus, which I didn't know they released to you in increments, and finished at the table with $100. I now have $120 there and am thinking of just pulling it out now and being thankful I am up. Any suggestions on that? I am just thinking that because the traffic is so light, I am just looking for trouble. I do have a bunch of bonus to still clear there, but I don't want to chase a bonus that might just kill that small bankroll I have anyway.

Ok, here was my favorite hand of the night, for obvious reasons. Notice my turn bet, as I am still getting used to the software and checked off a box by mistake. Luckily, it didn't matter. I probably made more because of it.

pajasen Posted Small Blind $0.50
jones45299 Posted Big Blind $1.00
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Ah, Ac)
shanelee67 Raised to $4.00
thedrover Folds
CoonTatters Folds
drewspop Raised to $7.00
johnboy594x Folds
pokerclown Folds
kerneLIUS Calls $7.00
pajasen Folds
jones45299 Folds
shanelee67 Calls $3.00
Dealing Flop (Jd,3s,6c)
shanelee67 Checks
drewspop Bets $12.50
kerneLIUS Calls $12.50
shanelee67 Calls $12.50
Dealing Turn (7c)
shanelee67 Checks
drewspop Bets $1.00
kerneLIUS Calls $1.00
shanelee67 Calls $1.00
Dealing River (4s)
shanelee67 Checks
drewspop All In for $13.91
kerneLIUS Folds
shanelee67 Calls $13.91
drewspop has (Ah, Ac)
shanelee67 has (Kh, Kd)
drewspop Wins $87.82 from pot 1 with : Pair of Aces

Ok, that's it for me. Have a happy Monday.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger SugarlandStump said...

Sorry to hear about the bar tournament. With structures like that whadyagonnado? Get 'em next time!

At 2:24 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Any other way of qualifying for the state tourney ?

I would probably move my money if the traffic was really low and the games were sparce in my limit range. Especially if you are in bonus grind mode.


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