Friday, September 22, 2006

Man, I am slacking lately...

So, another week of craptastic posting by me. Great timing too, with the blogfather pimping me and all. I have just been too busy, distracted, disinterested, etc. to put anything good together. I know, cry me a river, but don’t expect too much from this one either.

My week has been pretty busy with football mostly. If we are going to win any games this year, we have to make some changes. We are moving our biggest running back up to play the line. We thought he might feel like we were punishing him or something, but luckily, he was excited and said whatever it takes to win. In practice he has been killing people so hopefully we get the new back up to speed fast enough. The new back was playing the wingback spot before, so he wasn’t getting the ball more than 2 or 3 times each game. Now as the fullback, ideally we would be getting him the ball close to 10 times. The problem in practice, has been him getting his hands right to take the hand off. He keeps getting them backwards where his inside arm in on the bottom rather than on the top. The offensive coach is petrified that we will put the ball on the ground this weekend, which we haven’t done at all in the first 3 games. We are actually due for a fumble honestly, but hopefully it won’t happen this weekend. Anyone out there know a good drill to teach this kid the right way to take the ball? We have been drilling it into his head since the beginning of the season, but we are failing apparently. If he can’t get it in practice tomorrow, we may have to just run his plays on one side of the line and tell him which hand to put on top every time the ball is coming to him. That would obviously limit us and not be ideal, but we may have to go that way.

I “worked” from home yesterday. I had a short doc’s appointment in the morning so rather than go into Boston, I just logged in from home. Being a short-timer anyway, I am not so motivated to get much done these days and yesterday was no different. I ended up going on a little hunt for a new TV for the new room that I finished over the summer. I had an old 19” up there that my mother had given to me when she moved. It was pretty crappy but the kids were just playing Gamecube on it anyway. One of the things I am thinking of getting with my PokerSavvy points is Xbox 360 as a Christmas present for the kids. Obviously we can’t play Xbox on that crappy old TV, right? I ended up picking up a 32” Samsung LCD. The thing is sweet and perfect size for the room. The only problem right now is my cable company. My wife went down to get an HD cable box yesterday and they said they didn’t have any. They were waiting for some to come in and they would put us on the list (?!). I found out later that night that the list must have a bunch of people on it because there is a guy we know who has been waiting for 3 weeks and he is number 32 on the list. WTF?

I already have one HD box for the TV in my living room. The funny thing is, that TV isn’t HD, but my wife can’t live without the DVR. She uses the pause button every night if she is watching TV. I don’t think I can get away with moving that box upstairs, but I am bummed that I won’t be able to watch the Sunday night football game in HD this week. Especially since she will be watching Desperate Housewives. I guess I just need to wait it out. No wonder Adelphia was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Speaking of PokerSavvy, there are a few people out there that have been nice enough to use my referral link to sign up, but I see they have not finished the Mansion promo yet. What’s the deal people? If you have any questions on it, let me know, because that is the easiest $90 you will every make with an online poker promotion, guaranteed. The other promos are ok too, but that Mansion one is the main reason to sign up in my opinion.

On the poker front, I haven’t played much at all this week. Mostly because I am tapped out. Yup, I needed to reload. I had cashed out a few times and then had a bad stretch at and Party, getting swallowed up by the fish. I had a token on FT that I used on Wednesday night in the $20K, but unfortunately when out quickly when I got all my chips in on a Q 10 2 rainbow flop holding AQ. The caller had KQ and caught runner runner straight with 9, J to send me packing. Ugly…just.plain.ugly.

I decided to put a small deposit into Stars and play some SNGs yesterday. I actually played a double shootout satellite to one of the WCOOP events but went out 3rd at my table of 6. I then played a 4 person heads up SNG and lost that one too. Don was nice enough to swap some cash with me on FT so I could hit up the Dadi Horse event last night. I had a good time playing and started out doing pretty well. I ended up losing a couple hands to Trauma that really cut into my stack and made me take some chances when I probably shouldn’t have. Unfortunately the blinds were getting up and I had to take a shot at a hand and pray. No such luck. The one hand that really killed me in this event was a 7 Stud hand that I had against Trauma. The blinds were at 60/120 and I was dealt pocket 10s with a 7 door card. I had trips on 4th street and called or bet each street but Trauma kept improving, or so it seemed. All of his 4 showing cards were hearts and connected to the point where I figured I had to be beat with either a flush or a straight. Since I didn’t make my boat, I laid down the hand to his bet on the end. He said that he whiffed on everything but his 2 pair, but couldn’t just check which makes total sense. I obviously don’t play enough Stud, but is that an automatic call every time in Stud? After thinking about it, it almost seems like it is, but not sure. I had invested a lot of my stack in the hand, but felt like I was chasing after 5th and 6th to be honest. What do you say? I went downhill fast from there. Again, it was a lot of fun though. Congrats to Jordan, Jason and Gary for another tourney well done.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully I will have some good football news to report on Monday.


At 12:14 PM, Blogger Johnny Mac said...

i can appreciate being a fan of shows (like housewives), but it's a rare patriots primetime game! I say you gotta negotiate the HD somehow.

-JohnnyMac, the HD-less one.

p.s., i assume you're a no-go for tonight's game?


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