Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some football and Omaha, what a combo

Still waiting to finalize the new job situation, but it is looking good. The old boss called me yesterday and said the HR person would call me today to set up a time for me to come in and talk to her about everything. Grrr. I am so impatient. It is hard for me to concentrate on my current job knowing that I am probably leaving.

On the football front, I am having a lot of fun, learning a lot, and I and the other offensive coach are working great together. We had to make a change to one of the backs this week though. It is a tough situation really, but ultimately, it is better for the team to make the move.

Basically, the fastest kid on the team had to be moved. He was just a little too lazy in practice, and was dropping the ball all the time when we were running his plays in practice. The situation is more difficult for me because the kid comes from a real tough situation at home. I feel bad that we are moving him out of a desirable position, but we have been all over him and he didn’t seem to get it that we were serious about using someone else. At the same time, we have another kid who can play his position, who is a step slower, but works a lot harder. We were playing him on the line at guard, but actually had someone else that would be better suited at guard. To make the change would strengthen the line, and basically break us even in the backfield.

Like I said, the kid that we moved out has a tough family situation, although I don’t know any details. All I know is that he lives with his grandmother. Apparently the mother is locked up. No idea why and no idea where the father is. He is generally a good kid, kind of a punk, but nothing big. He has never played football, but just wasn’t trying hard enough.

Well, yesterday we made the change in practice. He seemed to take it ok. He was told he would focus on defense. Well, usually when we bring the offense together with the defense, the offense doesn’t get a great test because a lot of the kids playing offense, also start on defense.

Well, the test was a lot tougher yesterday. The kid we moved was killing people. We already knew when he tried, he was a devastating tackler. He can’t be blocked and hits hard, with perfect technique. We was playing middle linebacker and on the first play, came through and crushed our starting fullback on a dive play. He was making every tackle and we ended up blowing the whistle a lot faster as the practice went on, hoping not to get any of our starting offensive players hurt!

Now, I am sure he was a little bit pissed off for being switched but he didn’t act like it really. He seemed happy enough and at the end of practice, the head coach told the team how he was changing the defense to a 6-4 primarily because we have 2 killer hitters and he wants them both in the middle. He also had this kid lead the end of practice cheer. Here’s hoping he keeps that up, because if he isn’t making 15 tackles a game, he just isn’t trying. We are hoping that doesn’t happen, but we’ll see.

I played a little bit of poker last night on Pokerroom. I had a little bit of cash left and lost it all. I only had about $20 left after cashing out the rest a couple weeks ago, so this was almost an awfukkit night. I played NL for a little while but switched to limit for no particular reason other than I was board. Nothing in particular to discuss about the play honestly.

I also played a little bit of Omaha on Absolute. If you remember back a ways, I had built my free $10 up to about $85 on Absolute. I was planning on trying to play the Mookie, but jumped into this Omaha game and the next time I looked up, it was 10:04. I got into Stars just in time to see KJ get busted, ending the late registration time. Probably for the best anyway because I needed the sleep.

Anyway, the only Omaha game that seemed worth playing was the $2/$4 limit game. I sat in with $40 and lost half of it on the first 2 hands. Doh. I know I am not so great at the game, but I am learning. I managed to take down a few pots and was up to $50 when wifey was set to retire for the evening. As she walked around shutting off lights, etc, I decided I would play my last hand and then turn it. I forget my 4 cards but basically, I was open ended on the flop, had the nut straight on the turn and the betting was capped with me and 2 others in. River paired the board with a Q and even though I knew I was fucked, I called the 2 bets on the end to pay off both of the 2 fuckers that hit their full house on the river. They had 2 pair, no draws, both of them. Is that normal to bet it up like that in Omaha with 2 pair? I didn’t think so, and me slamming my fist and snapping at my wife as she said something to me, as the chips went elsewhere, showed that I thought I got boned. Down to $12 after that hand, I ended up playing the next 2 hands and taking down both pots. One of them I had Q8Q8 and flopped a Q. We capped the flop and the other dude called me down and raised me on the river. He had KK and types in, “nice 2 outer”. Now granted, I was behind before hitting my set on the flop, but why wouldn’t I at least see a flop on that hand? I finished down only $10, so that wasn’t too bad.

I have been also distracted since yesterday because my buddy went to Vegas Tuesday night. He was with me when I went at the beginning of June and tried to get me to go again this time. I REALLY wanted to go, but with football and the job and all that, I just couldn’t justify it. I am dying to get back out there and have been trying to convince the wife that we should go in the fall sometime, but it isn’t looking good now. She doesn’t trust that I would actually spend time with her out there. Come to think of it, I don’t blame her. If we can get away, I think it will be a beachy location.

Ok, that’s it. Have a good one.


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