Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend then some poker

Hopefully everyone had a good weekend and managed to stay cool. Up here in New England it is hot as hell, like most of the country right now I guess. We went to a friend’s house Friday night and swam in their pool. I had a production move at work that I had to do a short checkout for, but ended up leaving a little early so I could do the checkout at their house. By 6pm I was into my second beer and nice and refreshed from the pool. My kids are all fish so they naturally loved it. They had been at the house since 11:30am and were all prunes by the time we dragged them out to eat dinner. Good times.

Saturday we ended up doing a little furniture shopping. I still want to get some pictures of the finished room up for everyone to check out. Not that anyone cares but my son loves his house and we are liking our new room also. We went to a big furniture store that also has a “clearance” room that is basically special order items that customers reject or return or things that don’t sell I guess. Since this is an extra room, we wanted to get something kinda nice that was a sleeper, but not break the bank either. When you hit the clearance room it is totally hit or miss and if you find something, you basically need to sit on it until a salesperson comes to you and seals the deal. You also have to haul whatever you buy out of there within 24 hours. They don’t deliver.

Anyway, we got lucky and found a nice queen sleeper sofa that would fit nicely into the room. It was a pretty good deal so we grabbed it. We also found a cool stuffed chair and ottoman for my son’s room. He wanted a beanbag chair or something and this was even better and cheap. Just as I paid for those 2 things, my wife started calling me over for something else. Just as I thought I was going to out of this thing relatively cheap, she found something she had been looking for. They had just brought out one of those square cocktail table/ottoman/leather top tables and it was like half the price it normally would have been. Super. Ah well, it is more comfortable putting my feet up on that now when pokering with the laptop. We took the stuffed chair thingy and the table and off we went. I would need to come back for the sleeper.

When I got home I tried to set up the kid’s desktop up in the new room. It was working fine when it was in their room and had been moved up to the new room and just put on the floor by my wife after the carpet was put in. I got everything set up, hid as many wires as I could, etc. then plugged her in and…no power whatsoever. Nada, nothing. Hmm. I opened the case and checked each of the connections that my limited knowledge would lead me to check. Still nothing. I called support and they had me check a couple more things. Power supply fried. New one in the mail.

Went and picked up the new sofa on Sunday morning and new I was in trouble when it took 4 guys to load it into the mommy van. I had taken all the seats out and it just fit in perfect. I got it home and called my buddy for some help. My wife and I decided so try and get it out of the car, just to see how heavy it was. Yup, sure as shit, it was fuggin heavy. My neighbor saw us struggling with it and volunteered her husband for duty. Luckily, shortly after, my buddy came over too. We hauled it to the front door and it looked like it wouldn’t fit. It was like 35 inches across at the shortest way and the door was the same basically. Heave, ho, heave, ho. We got it into the front door, maneuvering around the staircase. Then we had to get it up the first flight by getting it up off the ground, but not too high because the railing was in the way. At the top of the stairs, we had to literally stand it up on it end to get it around the corner. Once we got it to the second set of stairs, it was the same fit up that set. What a pain in the ass. If we sell this house, the sleeper goes with it. That thing ain’t ever coming down with my help, unless a chainsaw is involved. I was sweating more than 2 rat’s bumpin in a wool sock. I am sure the neighbor was real happy he got involved in that whole mess. Anyway, a couple of scratches on the wall and we are good.

Ok, now for some poker. The 45 SNG Challenge got kicked off yesterday and what a field we have. Not to knock the first field at all but what a start to this one. After the first day we already have one 1st place, 3 2nd places and a 3rd place. I donked out of my first one in 8th place, the bubble boy. It severely pissed me off at the time, but actually, not sure what the hell I was thinking in the hand that put me out. Here it is (sorry, dollar in the mail, blah, blah, blah).

I am a middle stack with 8 left and the top 7 cash and get points for the challenge. I am looking good unless I get stupid. I get dealt pocket 4’s in late position and decide to limp in for 600. The button or BB is a short stack and pushes and it is like 2K to call. The big stack, who had limped before me called. I should have folded right there but I called. The flop was all ragged and low cards giving me a gutshot. Since it is just the 2 of us against the all in, I expect to check it down. Instead, the big stack min bets. For some reason, I took this as the guy being a donkey and not know how this works, but not having anything so I call (yeah, I know, second mistake). The turn is a blank and he does the same damn thing so I call again (third mistake). That leaves me with about 3.5K when the river gives me a straight with my card at the bottom of the straight. It also puts a flush on the board. I actually did think of all of this as I see him push and I, being an idiot and already pissed off at this hand, call (final mistake, bubbye). I couldn’t put him on the flush since he was betting after the flop which was rainbow. I also didn’t put him on the straight for the same reason. He flips over K5 soooted for a runner runner runner flush and IGHN on the bubble like a complete moron. He had hit bottom pair with his 5 on the flop and started betting. If he had checked it down to the river and then pushed fine, no doubt I would have folded in a flash. I was pissed off and even taunted the donkey in the chatbox, which is something I don’t do ever. I was just so damn pissed.

Ok, that’s the end of my bitching. Now to pimp a few things. Remember the MATH tonight. I don’t think I am going to be able to make it but always a good time. Next is the Pokersavvy free cash offer with Mansion. Well basically free cash that is. I explained it here. They extended the $90 neteller deal for the Mansion Promo through the end of July so if you are a low limit grinder or just like a free bankroll boost, sign up here. The Mookie is Wednesday night and I won’t miss that one. Great times to be had by all. Lastly, check out the 45 SNG Challenge to see the action. It is full following others to the final tables in these things. I got railed before I donked out and it is a lot of fun.

That’s it for me today. Have a good one and stay cool.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger Johnny Mac said...

i'm interested in pics of the bedroom. i finished a playroom in the basement a couple of years ago and was very proud of my accomplishment. i wish my house had room for a third floor room, the kids could use it.

At 1:12 PM, Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

Hey, you still in for foxwoods. The schedule is very different, its posted on their website, I left the link at Hoy's comments, but I'm too lazy to do it again.

I'm leaning towards the $1200 NLHE on 11/13 (saturday), 1000 people, huge pot (1.1 million). Tight play and a little luck will get someone ITM.

There is also a $600 limit game on Friday.

At 3:17 AM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Mistakes happen. No worries. And I could've told you that sleeper sofas are heavy as shit. You never want to have to take them up or down stairs. The last time I had to deal with that, I drove down to the local Home Depot and "contracted" several day laborers to do the job. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer, nor the sweetest smelling, but they sure were motivated. Enjoy the new room. Waiting for pics. Bummer you couldn't make the WPBT. December, amigo...December.


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