Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cashing in the Mookie and Vacation awaits

So I finally cashed again in a blogger tourney. It has been a long time since that happened for me. With the summer, baseball, and the work on finishing the attic, I haven’t been able to play much lately, which if fine. Real life takes precedent. Anyway, I was glad to get home in time to sing up for the best weekly blogger event out there. The Mookie.

I was able to get some nice cards early and was pretty much chip leader or in the top 2 for the whole thing until we got to the final table. I made it past the bubble but got a little too aggressive a couple of times when it was folded around to me and I raised into better hands. I got real low until Iak gave me some luck in the girly chat box by saying I was getting ready to go on a tear. I doubled up a couple times to put me even with everyone else. Unfortunately that was when I got too aggressive and gave them back. I don’t remember too many specifics other than getting really lucky a couple times even though I was slightly ahead when the chips went in. I went for a steal with A2 and was called by somelike think K7 and the 7 came on the flop with a 2. I lucked out though when another 2 hit the turn. I think it was Gscottw that said that the Pokerstars software download must have included some changes to their “suck, resuck” code. There was a lot of that going around. Anyway, I finished in 5th, the last cash spot. Congrats to everyone at the final table and congrats to hacker59 for taking it down in the end when he got heads up with mowenumdown. Well played gentlemen. Also thanks for the cheers Iak, it helped me escape the bubble.

I am hoping to play a little bit tonight because it will be my last chance until Monday at least. Me and family are headed up to Maine tomorrow morning to my mom’s lake house. It is about 4 hours away and we are looking forward to a long weekend of fishing, tubing, baseball, and maybe some golf. The highlight may be the hickville derby (no offense to anyone of course). My mom’s place is in Unity Maine on Lake Winnecook. Other than the lake, there isn’t much to do. Except on Saturday nights that is. On Saturday nights, all the locals are at Unity Raceway. Check it out boys and girls, cause that is where I will be with the boys this weekend. Good times at the car races, yeehaw.

Seriously though, we are all looking forward to the weekend away. My whole family is going up and it should be a great time. We don’t get back until Monday so no posts and no poker, unless we play some live poker that is. Maybe I will have a family home game recap to put everyone to sleep on Monday.

I think that is all I have. If you want to, check out the short story on my cousin’s fight from last Friday night. My cousin is “The Hornet”, lol.

Have a good weekend everyone and have a great time in Vegas if you are going. I am severely jealous and can’t wait to read all the trip reports.


At 9:25 AM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Congrats on cashing last night. Have a great vacation. See you next week.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Great run was just Cleveland's time - we've grown tired of waiting on Lebron, so Hacker stepped up.

Bummed you won't be there in VayGahz, but next time then.

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice run sorry I missed it.

Maine rocks. Watch out for the bears, and the rednecks too.


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