Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Random Crappy Wednesday

Well, my day today is starting off just great. I was up at about 4:30am when my bed was overrun by little people. It had been pouring rain all night and that apparently woke up my kids. At 4:30, when my 5 year old came in looking for a place to lay down with us, I decided it was time for me to get up. I checked out my email and bloglines. I saw that Matty took down the WWdN last night. Nice going man!

Of course, since I was up so early, I barely made it out the door in time to drive to get my train this morning. Since it was still pouring, I went through the garage so it would be a quick walk to my nice dry car. The only problem was…I left my fucking moonroof wide open all night. Not only that, but I jumped right into the seat before I even realized it.

With a soaking wet ass, I had to run in and grab the key to my wife’s car, the Miami Don special, which the kid’s carseats into my car, and haul ass off to the train. Luckily, that is where I am right now. Wifey wasn’t planning on leaving the house today anyway. It is too shitty out. I love New England weather.

Anyway, I haven’t played a single hand of online poker since I got back from Vegas. I played at the bar on Monday night, but that has been it. I went out in 12th place in the first game and was out before the break in the second game when my Aces got cracked by J10. I bumped before the flop to 3xBB and he called. The flop was QJ4 and he pushed! I called and then watches as the runner runner straight came down with a 9 and a K. I pushed in my scraps on the next hand so I could go home. I still missed the Monday’s at Hoy’s though.

I don’t usually play both sessions at the bar but I had yesterday off from work so I could help out at field day for my oldest son. We actually had pretty nice weather for it and I was assigned to “The Big Sponge”. At my station, the kids line up between 2 buckets. The first person in line soaks a big sponge in the bucket and then passes it back over their head to the next person. That person then passes it back between their legs to the next person. It goes over and under until the last person gets it and then they squeeze out whatever is left into the other bucket. The team to fill the bucket at the end wins.

The kids love it, but it isn’t the most fun if you are one of the volunteers. It was me and one other guy and 2 moms at the stations. On average, we needed to refill 3 big plastic buckets for each class that came to the station. That is every 10 minutes. I got a lot of exercise yesterday at least. All of the kids had fun so it was a good day anyway.

It is back to work today. I did work Monday of this week but didn’t get too much done really. Now I don’t have any time off again until the week after the 4th of July when we go up to my mother’s cabin in Maine. For some reason, I mentioned to my sister that they do a sprint triathlon the weekend we are up there. I said that we should give it a shot. This was a couple months ago and she didn’t really say whether she wanted to do it or not. Well, last week while I was boozing it up in Vegas, she emailed me and said she was all registered and that I should send it in quick. Ugh. I only have a month to get ready now. Not that I think or even want to be competitive, but I at least want to survive! The tri is a half mile swim, 15 mile bike and then a 3.5 mile run so it’s not like it is something I need to train all year for, but I still need to get going. Especially the swimming part. I am sure I will be bitching about some of the crap I am doing to get ready for this thing over the next month so bear with me.

To wrap up my Vegas musings, on the morning I was leaving, I walked over to Caesars to see if any of the pros were playing in the Las Vegas Open. As I was crossing in front of club Pure, along comes Sean Sheikan. Well, as you read in Don’s blog, he had a little trouble with Billy Baxter a couple days before so I couldn’t pass up asking him about it and seeing what the reaction would be.

He was alone and I just said, “Hey, you get any of your money back from the other day?” He stopped and as he shuffled his chips from one hand to the other said,
“What day was it?”
“Two days ago, Thursday, Baxter took a bunch off of you playing triple draw I think”
“Oh, I don’t really remember, we just go back and forth usually anyway”
“Oh yeah, I think he rivered the nuts on you”
“You know, there are so many hands like that, it happens though man”
“Ok man, good luck”
“Yeah, you too”

Now I know, not a real exciting conversation or story really but it showed a couple things about these guys I think. For one, either he was lying or he really didn’t give the 20K or so as much thought as anyone else would have. He really seemed as if he didn’t remember what I was talking about, yet I know Don saw it all come down. Second, this guy may not be as much of an asshole as we think. He didn’t just blow me off or keep walking while answering a quick question. He stopped and chatted. Seemed like a down to earth guy. Third, we all know the coverage that gets broadcast on TV is edited up pretty good. Maybe this guy isn’t all bad. Of course, if I asked him about the side bet with Baxter that he couldn’t cover that day, he may have turned a little nastier but who knows.

Well, that’s it for me today. Go read someone more interesting. There are lots of them over to your right. Go tell Matt congrats on his win too.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Thanks for the props, Chris. That sucks about your car. Hope you didn't have leather seats or anything. Also, that story about Sheikan is really interesting. Makes you wonder how much of his attitude is reserved for the poker table/TV.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Wish it would rain here, this damn near 100 degree weather is killing my yard.

I really enjoyed all of your Vegas trip reports and it was interesting to read the Sheik story.

The first time we went to Vegas, we went to Bellagio and railed a $5000 tourney there and saw a ton of the big names, but didn't talk to any.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Joe (aka Unimpressed) said...

Unfortunately, no. I just started back at school after a LONG hiatus, and I'm in school Monday thru Thursday, pretty much missing all evenings with my daughter. Couldn't justify missing another evennig just to play poker. I'll probably head out there in July Sometime. I'll post ahead of time.


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