Friday, June 09, 2006

My impatient Thursday night

Happy Friday. I need the weekend.

I played a little bit on both Poker Room and Stars last night. I have made a new commitment to wifey though. I have to get my daily run in before I can play poker online. That is a good motivator for me to get home and get it done. If I don’t, I will sink to the bottom of the lake in the sprint tri in July.

Anyway, I made a deposit into Poker Room last week because they were running a reload bonus. I hadn’t played there in a long time. I ended up all over the place while I watched the Sox kick some Yankee arse.

First I fired up 2 $5 SNGs. I was out in 10th in the first one when my nut flush on the turn was sucked out on by the dude that went in with his set of 6s. The river paired the board and I was gone. In the other one, I didn’t cash either. Can’t even remember what the deal there was but either way, I was down $11 on the night quickly.

I then decided to fire up a couple limit tables to try and clear some of the bonus. I sat in with $20 on 2 50c/1.00 tables and did some grinding for about a half hour. I checked my bonus page and figured out that the player points clear pretty slowly at that level. I closed one of those and jumped into a $20 tourney that was just starting. It had about 90-100 people in it and the structure seemed interesting. The first 6 levels were extreme turbo, 3 minutes each. After that, it went to 12 minute normal levels. I, umm, never made it there. In the sixth level, with the blinds at 100/200 and my stack about even with what I started, I made a move and was gone in about 40th with the top 15 paying. I liked the structure though. If I had any hands at all, it would have gotten interesting quick.

While I was playing in that, I decided to open up a $1/$2 limit table to clear the bonus a little quicker (think I was a little impatient last night??). Luckily, I did my best Waffles impersonation when I limped in MP after 3 new people had joined the table and all posted. I had 89o but with 4 and a half bets already in, I figured WTF. Of course, the BB must have been thinking the same, and must have had a good hand too because he bumped it up. I called with everyone else!

Well naturally, since online poker is obviously rigged, the donk that plays 89o to a raise gets rewarded! The flop came 6 7 10 rainbow. The BB bet and I called along with 2 others. The turn was a Q. The BB bet and I raised and he reraised me! The river was ac Ace. He checked and I bet. He mucked his superior pre-flop hand as I raked the $40 pot. wOOt! I left a little while later and basically broke even.

I was still restless though, and after reading about some of Klopzi’s posts about Blackjack (I know I know, STAY AWAY), I decide again, wtf? I think I had the awwfuckkits. I sat in with just $20 and went with his system of counting points for wins, etc, etc. I was up to about $36 at one point and left with about $30. Not too bad really. Me likey the pokah a lot better though, so I will be staying away from that in the future (I think ;)

The last thing I did was play a 45 SNG on Stars for $11. I made it to the final table and went out in 9th so I was the double bubble. I pushed with A10 and was called by the donkey, KJ. He hit his J and I was down to 1 BB. I survived 2 straight pushes, the first of which I, of course with no chips, got pocket Aces. Bastards! Anyway, my time came shortly after that. Oh well. Mookie hit me up on the girly chat to ask if I was playing the WWdN: Not The, but I couldn’t do it. I had conference calls with both China and Munich this morning, so I had to get on a train at 6:20 this morning. Yes, that did suck. Did I say I may be going to China next month?

Anyway, I didn’t realize Mookie was trying to it to 3 tables so it would satify the hairy bastard's bet. Luckily, he hit paydirt in a 27 SNG so the mop will be trimmed all nice and purdy for the Vegas trip. Best of luck to Mookie, Rocco, and the rest of the crew on their Vegas Vacation.

Have a great weekend.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Klopzi said...

Just remember that I'm playing blackjack with no hope of making money from the blackjack itself.

I'm up almost $1K in blackjack - but of that, I've lost about $60 from the actual blackjack play and made almost $1K in bonuses.

If you're looking to "casino-whore", feel free to pop by my sites and give some of my affiliates a try. Their bonuses will help you make some money.

Sorry...didn't mean to pimp myself in your blog.

...I lied...I always mean to pimp myself...

Have a great weekend!

At 11:00 AM, Blogger mookie99 said...

China ?? wow...

You set the bar way too high in Vegas for us bloggers. But still can't wait to get out there.

Have a great weekend man.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

Foxwoods sounds good, if the November tournie is any thing like the march one, they start with a 2,000 person, $600 cluster fuck. then the next day is a $1,200. not sure which I'm going to do, depends on how I do at the borgata events.

Anyway, hopefully I'll se you there.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger jjok said...

BlackJack on an online poker site is the spawn of Satan.

(although it has made me some bucks this year)

Satan, I tell ya!

BTW, bro-in-law sitting in for me in IronMan......50/50. Praying he doesn't push AQ first hand.....

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay out of the pit!

But get hot if you do get in there.


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