Friday, June 30, 2006

DADI Winners, Boxing and PokerSavvy

I needed to get a new laptop. The dinosaur just wasn’t going to cut it for the DADI last night. After work yesterday, I went to my cousin’s weigh-in, had some dinner and then headed over to Circuit City. My goal was to find a cheap laptop so that if it died soon, I wouldn’t be kicking myself like I am now about the Vaio that I overpaid for.

I found just the trick as soon as I walked in. A Toshiba for $499. Sweet, let’s do it. I wasn’t going to get the extended warrantee but when I found out it was only $159 for 4 years, I bit on that too. So, I should be all set for a while in the laptop department.

I got it home and couldn’t connect to my wireless network. The laptop had an integrated wireless G card but my router is a wireless B. I knew that was a problem and put in the wireless card from the old machine but, of course, couldn’t find the driver install disk. I was running around downloading the drivers and trying to find a cd to burn it to. Finally, I realized that I could have just copied the file to my thumb drive. Duh.

Anyway, I had to start the tourney on the dinosaur but got the new one going during the tourney and downloaded Stars, along with the girly chat client and away I went.

As for the DADI, I was severely card dead. Also, with the team sidebets going, I played it extra cautious. I needed the money, which, of course, we won. I survived until 25th but Don and JJok were still nice and healthy at that point. It was down to 20 when Don went at it with Surf and came out on the losing end of running his KK into George’s AA. They got it all in on a Q high flop. Nothing he could do there. It was all up to JJ at that point. To lock it up, he needed to finished within 10 spots of George for us to win it. He ended up kicking some ass and finishing 3rd overall. Great job team mehmiamidrewisok (?)! I know I was heavy, but thanks for carrying me.

Great job by all at the final table and to Scott who took it down shortly after JJ went out. Well played by all.

Tonight is fight night. My cousin is fighting his 3rd professional fight. He fought a lot as an amateur in the Navy. When he got out, he worked but kept in shape by going to the boxing gym. His first fight was a long time again but last July he had his second fight in Plymouth. He was on the undercard for a Friday Night Fights for ESPN2 and ended up knocking the guy he fought out in the first round. He is hoping to win tonight and then fight again in November at the Roxy in Boston. One fight at a time though. He has honestly fought a couple of potato sacks so far, so we will see how he does tonight. Hopefully I can get some pictures up over the weekend.

Last thing is sign up for Pokersavvy through my link over there on the right (holy crap, my first self pimp). They have a crazy deal with Mansion going in that all you have to do is sign up for Pokersavvy, then download Mansion through them and use their referral code while signing up. Once you make a $50 deposit, all you have to do is bet $50 and you get 900 Savvy Points. You can bet that $50 anywhere. In poker, casino (think Blackjack) or the sports betting area.

What can you get with 900 points you may ask? How about an iPod Shuffle? Not up your ally? How about $90 cash money if you do this promotion this week?? That’s right, 900 points will entitle you to gift cards for $90 but they are letting you convert it to cash that goes directly into your Neteller account! It is virtually risk free really. I make the deposit last night and played blackjack for about 15 minutes. I did lose $5 but I now qualify for the points and the cash so my net for 15 minutes of work was $85! Not bad. You bonus whores and low limit players like me, be proud and do it up!

Have a great weekend all.


At 11:06 AM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Nice job Chris...the check is in the mail...

At 12:16 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

congratulations you lucky bastard. btw, you finished 28th.

i finished 25th losing a coin flip for a massive pot.

i already transferred my team's donation to JJok.

At 2:17 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

oops, my bad. correct you are. now go sign up for the fantasy football thing so I can kick your ass at something.

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Anonymous said...

Actually wireless G should be backwards compatible with B so you shouldn't have any problems with your router -- if it doesn't work then get it checked out at the shop.

At 2:56 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Congrats on the team win last night and the new laptop. How long is the Pokersavvy promotion good till ?

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Johnny Mac said...

thanks for the note on the pokersavvy bonus. i don't see the $90 cash option anywhere in their shop though?


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