Wednesday, April 19, 2006

WWdN and a little Omaha H/L

First 2 quick pimps. Both related to sending a blogger to the WSOP. First is sign up for DADI which is less than a week away now. I forget to check how many are signed up so far, but the more the merrier. There were 98 in the WWdN last night and this one replaces that next week, so sign up early. The second is sign up for PokerSavvy if you haven't already. Matt is working hard to send more bloggers to WSOP events so check it out. Tons of great rewards to check out there too so feel free to click on the pic in the sidebar and sign up so I get some of your Savvy points too ;)

I got home just in time to play the WWdN last night. I probably should have skipped it.

Within the first 15 minutes I was dealt pocket As twice, pocket Qs and big slick twice. I didn’t get any action with the rockets or big slick the first time through, but the second time I had the Aces, Ingoal decided to play with his pocket 8’s. He got unlucky when the flop came out a ragged 7 high. He bet out 100 and I bumped it to 300. After some thought, he pushed. He is a fun guy to play with, plus he plays these things at an ungodly hour, so I was sorry to see him go. Anyway, I was off to a good start.

Only a few hands later, I get the Hiltons and bump it up to 4xBB. Chauski calls it in the blind and we see a 10 high rainbow flop. He pushes and I call to see his A10o for top pair vs my overpair. Unfortunately for me, he got one of his 5 outs on the river and I was back to about even. As Trip would say, Das Poker. I think that kinda put me on tilt for some reason because I never made it past the break. I ended up going out when I played 56 sooooted and hit top pair of 5s. After some bets and reraises I pushed into CawtBluffin’s flopped straight and that was all she wrote. I played pretty poorly after getting unlucky vs Chauski so no excuses.

The highlight for me in the tourney was probably when I showed the table “The Tourist” with Poker Champ, err, whoever is TequilaMom, playing with us at the table. I think only about half the table got it, but it wasn’t lost on the Champ. I said that A7o was the new Hammer, to which Champ responded that the Hammer was soooo 1986. Good fun. See you in the Blue Veiner Memorial Champ.

Congrats to Denials on a deep run into the final table. Check out his live blogging action to see where I went down in flames. We started at the same table and is a fun guy to play with.

After that little bombing, I decided to play a couple SNGs, bombing out in an 18 person but getting second in a $10 single table. All in all, I think I was down about $12 on the night on Stars. Not good, not terrible.

I was going to try to work off some of my raked hands on River Belle but there wasn’t too much traffic so I jumped over to Full Tilt to see what damage I could do. It was starting to get late so I didn’t really want to get into a SNG or Tourney. I had been down to about $35 last weekend but after winning the SNG on Monday night with Jordan, Hoyazo, and Hoff, I was up to $70. Hmmm, what to play?

I read in Wes’s blog yesterday about how loose and bad he found the Omaha H/L limit play. He talked about Ultimate I think, but I figured, what the hay. I would give it a shot. I might have been bordering on the awwfukkits but decided if I was going to get any of my bonus cleared, I had to play at a reasonable limit so I sat at a $1/$2 limit table with $30.

All I can say is, it was insane. I haven’t played much Omaha H/L and never played limit before. I have only played PL to help clear my bonus on Interpoker a while back after signing up through Klopzi. Anyway, the first couple hands had pots of $20-$50! I won a big hand after about 10 minutes when I was dealt AK65 in the BB. It had been raised but there were like 7 people in the pot or something crazy so I figured I would see the flop for another buck. The flop gave me 2 pair with my 6 and 5. There was a bet after I checked and a bunch of callers so I called. The turn game me a boat so I bet out and the original bettor raised me. We capped it and the river was three bet. There were 2 high cards on board so there wasn’t a low pot and I scooped for a big pot. I don’t even know if I played that hand right or not but it worked. I ended up leaving after a half hour at the table with exactly $60 to double my money and push my HUGE FT bankroll to $100. wOOt.

It ended up being a fun night at the tables and I am looking forward to the Mookie tonight.

Lastly, this is my 99th post. Hopefully my 100th with be to say that I just repeated as the Mookie winner, but don’t hold your breath. Also, I am approaching 1,000 visits. Whodathunkit?


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Klopzi said...

I wish I could play the Omaha, but I don't have the stomach for it. I'm bad enough at Hold'em, and that's only two cards. Give me another two cards and I guarantee that I double my loss rate.

Good luck on the 100th post. I don't remember mine even though it was only 2 or 3 months ago. Here's hoping that yours is more memorable.


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