Friday, April 21, 2006

Mookie's update and weekend plans

FYI: I wrote this 4 hours ago and my pc crashed so I am not posting it until 2am. No time for links. Sorry peeps. You'll see why...

Very late post today. I actually worked from home today because my wife was going away for the night and we had someone to sit for the kids this afternoon but my youngest had a little fever and our friend that was going to sit has a baby too. Rather than expose his too, I just worked from here today.

Tomorrow, I am off to NYC with my son for the weekend to visit my sister. It will be nice to get away with my oldest alone for the weekend. Long drive ahead of us tomorrow, but as long as we get out of here early enough, we will be fine. Planning to leave by noon so we should get there around 4pm or so. The weekend has a broadway play, some siteseeing, and some poker involved. More on all that on Monday.

I played in the Mookie last night and did my best to repeat. It wasn’t meant to be as I called a late all in with AJ soooted and it turned out I had him dominated when he flipped QJo. Dominated that is, until he flopped a straight and I was crippled. Ah well, it was lots of fun in the chat until a little blogger brew ha ha almost erupted. I finished 9th out of 42 (yeah 42, good job Mookie!). I railed presdlee, Loud and Gcox after I was bounced from the final table. It turned out to be a great night for Mookie’s homies as they took the top 2 spots, although there was a 3 way chop with them and Biggestron. Good job to all.

After the tourney, I ended up playing some LHE with Waffles while he tried to gather his last few FPPs for silver status. Make sure you look him up when you are on Stars and if you can get at his table, DO IT. For the comedy alone, it is worth it.

I think that is all I have in me. I just finished my bonus at River Belle and just registered for my first 180 person SNG on Stars with Waffles. I am hoping the magic he has had in these things will rub off on me. If you see another update later, you will know why. Don’t expect it.

Oh, and one last thing, thanks for stopping by. I knew I was approaching a visitor milestone and when I checked sitemeter today, it was exactly after the 4 digit mark was broken. Cool. Thanks again. Have a great weekend.


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