Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Bar and SNGs with broggers

I played at the bar last night and played like dog crap. I was getting no cards but had taken a pot or 2 so I was up a few chips when I was in the BB and someone in MP raised 3xBB. I should have folded but decided I would see a flop since 2 had called his raise already. I had K8c.

The flop came 3 6 8 with 2 hearts. There were 5 people in the pot so the total in the pot was about 1500. I decided to take a stab at it and bet out 600 when it was checked to me. The woman to my left immediately went over the top and pushed her last 2100 in. The original raiser reluctantly folded as did the other 2 so it was on me. I had her covered by about 2K so I started thinking about her hand.

It was possible that she had hit a set or an overpair. The set would have been the worst scenario but for some reason I didn’t think so. I also didn’t have her on an overpair because I think she would have raised the blind UTG and she had just called the original raise. I had played with her before and had seen her put all her chips in on a flush draw.

I figured with 3500 in the pot and 1500 more for me to call, I had the odds and actually thought I was probably ahead. It actually ended up being an ok read when she flipped over A6o for middle pair, top kicker (?). The original raiser grumbled that his Jacks were good…until the turn was her Ace and I was down to 2K in chips with the break fast approaching.

I was pretty steamed and, after she said, “I figured an ace would come up because a lot of them have hit the board tonight, heehaw, heehaw”, I told her it was terrible poker. The hand put me on tilt and I was a real asshole to say that. She was a little embarrassed but didn’t seem that fazed. Either way, the break came 2 hands later and when we all got back to the table, I ended up apologizing for being a poor sport. I don’t like when I act like that. But it was terrible poker. The problem is, it was pretty terrible on my part first. To call a raise with bad position pre-flop, then to call an all-in with top pair, nice kicker, I deserved to lose my chips.

After the break, I made my second and last mistake of the early night. The blinds were at 200/400 and I was the BB. With 3 limpers, including some large stacks, I decided to push with A10d pre-flop. I still don’t understand why I did it because I was down to an M of about 3 so I was almost surely going to get called. I also kinda have a target on me in these now because everyone knows I am going to the National tourney at the end of the month. It came up at the table again last night.

Anyway, the big stack called me with pocket 9s and I didn’t improve. I probably should have just gone the stop and go route but I didn’t think about it properly. How would you have played the hand?

I was out in a little over an hour total. Just a terrible showing for the last night I can play live before the big tourney. Maybe I will get in a live game this weekend when I go to New York City?

Being out so early and being on tilt, I decided to make it an early night and not wait for the second session. I got home and wifey was watching something so I jumped onto River Belle to keep grinding away on my deposit bonus. After a while, I played for about an hour and ended up leaving up about $20 playing 50c/1.00 limit on a couple tables. I am inching closer to even with about half of the raked hands done for my bonus. River Belle is pretty good. The players there are ok with an occasional maniac that you can really profit from.

I saw that Hoff was online and we decided to play a SNG on Stars just as Jordan was signing on. We all jumped into an 18-person SNG. I donked off half my chips with big slick. Neither Jordan or I was a threat but Hoff, after being down pretty good came back and ended cashing in 3rd. Well played sir.

While Hoff was still playing, Jordan and I decided to play another, single table SNG just as Hoyazo logged on. We all got to the same table. Hoyazo was the first of us to fall when his pocket pair went up against a bigger pocket pair. Not much you can do there. Jordan ended up on the bubble and I got lucky with the cards late and ended up winning it. It was a fun night on the virtual felt.

Before I went to bed, of course I jumped into another Extreme Turbo on River Belle because I am a donkey. I couldn’t find any filling up except for some 5 person tables. What the hell I say. I swear it was over in less than 5 minutes. I came in second for a whopping $2.50 profit. Not done with the addiction, I played. Just. One. More.

Came in 3rd, boooo. Ah well. See you at the WWdN tonight all.


At 8:43 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice work on that Extreme tourney man! You are 2 for 2! Can't wait till that's a WSOP event in a couple of years. You will be all over that won't you.

Way to go in the sng last night. I played like donkey again, but don't regret my call with JJ preflop. How could I know the other guy would hold QQ on the same hand?

But of course, his Hiltons hold up just fine don't they?

At 9:50 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

Haha, of course his Hiltons hold up. You had to play it that way though, I agree.

Extreme Turbo poker tourneys. I am going to lobby for it to be added to the WSOP.

The fastest bracelet you ever won.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Count me in for the new WSOP events. You are en fuego, Chris. When it gets down to it, I'll buy a chunk of your WSOP buy in. Actually, I won't need to. You'll win some freeroll satellite, take that to a win, and wind up free rolling the main event! Good times man, good times.

At 3:04 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I'm liking that brog, brogger, and brogging is getting around.

Blogging is gay, but broggin is the fushizzle.


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