Monday, March 06, 2006

Quick Monday Post

Quick post for a Monday morning. The soul sucking job will take it’s toll today as I need to tell my team what their bonuses are going to be. Some may be interesting discussions. Anyway…

Another blogger tourney that I play the role of dead money in. I played in Sir Waffles b-day bash last night. It got moved to Poker Stars after Full Tilt crashed for a few hours.

I quickly crashed myself. I donked it up good when basically, on three hands, I held 2 pair and they were beat. Highonpoker’s Jordan took me out when my big slick (I think that was it anyway) hit the second pair on the turn and I was short stacked enough to push into his made straight. My whole tourney was basically those 3 hands. I did catch cowboys but my raise got no takers preflop and all I got was the blinds.

Again, these are fun tournies to play because the competition is so good. I will get better, I hope, over time. I get too caught up in watching others bluffing at each other. When I aggressively bet my 2 pair hands, I always feel like I have a good chance, then bam. I don’t think I was really overvaluing them either. Just the way they went. If you were watching or playing, let me know what you thought. I was hoping to bust Kat for her bounty, a custom banner for this boring space, but that was a pipedream for me.

Louddwnunder took a third of my stack, Highonpoker took my last third, and I can’t remember who took my middle third. Either way, it was ugly. I think I finished 22nd out of 26 total bloggers. No bueno. Hopefully the WWdN tomorrow night will be kinder.

After I busted out of there and watched the final 5 agree to a deal, I decided to play some tournies on Titan. I had the free $50 that I received through poker source online. I had enter a small SNG to get used to the interface. It was a satellite SNG for a bigger WTP Foxwoods tourney. It would be sweet to get into a Foxwoods tourney, for me, because it is pretty close to home. Anyway, I busted out early. No details remembered.

With about $45 left in the account, I decided to play in the $5 MTT that was just starting up. I didn’t realize, until after I signed up that it was a rebuy/addon tourney. I was gonna bail but then saw it was also a turbo so the rebuy period was only 30 minutes. Since it was free money, only about 180 people and it was Sunday night (one of two days I can play now, haha), I decided to give it a try.

Not the best move. It was crazy so I just tightened up. I swear, I saw this one guy rebuy 5 times, at least. I got cowboys after about 20 minutes and pushed and got like 3 callers. An ace came on the board and I was re-buying. I did the add-on at the break, so I was into this for about $20 now. I hung around for a bit, but flamed out on an unmemorable hand.

Down to about $25 in the account, I took a shot at a $10 single table SNG. I took 3rd to get me to $35 so I did another one. Same result of a 3rd place finish. Basically, I broke even for the night on Titan. Not sure how to use that money now. It will be either MTTs or maybe some NL games to build it up first. No more rebuys for me.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

To be fair, you played well, and I alpaca'd my way into that straight. I had an inside stragiht draw on the flop and decided to call your pot-sized bet, which was just plain stupid. But I got lucky and hit my straight on the turn. Luck's a bitch. Good game.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

I couldn't remember all the details. I knew I pushed AFTER you made the straight, wasn't sure if I had played the hand right.

Nothing good was happening for me in that tourney anyway but I still had fun. Following the chat alone is usually worth the buy-in.


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