Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Non-poker sick, twisted post

Not sure why I am sharing this. Not really funny at all but this was an instant messaging chat I had this afternoon...

Mybuddythecop: yo
Drewspop: yo
Mybuddythecop: do you remember a (name deleted) from HS?
Drewspop: sounds familiar
Drewspop: you arrest him?
Mybuddythecop: naw, better
Drewspop: dead
Mybuddythecop: he was driving the gravel truck that overturned in town
Mybuddythecop: we had to do notification to his mother
Mybuddythecop: rt 3 is closed
Drewspop: i didn't hear about it
Drewspop: ugh, and he is dead?
Mybuddythecop: oh ya, mucho deado
Drewspop: lol, not funny but i just laughed out loud
Drewspop: still chuckling actually
Drewspop: that's bad
Mybuddythecop: hehe
Drewspop: was he your age?
Mybuddythecop: yours
Mybuddythecop: may have graduated with you
Drewspop: Name rings a bell but I can't place the face
Mybuddythecop: its all over rt 3 south by exit 11 if you want to see it
Drewspop: knew you were going to say something like that
Drewspop: sick sick person
Mybuddythecop: hehe
Mybuddythecop: I take that as a compliment

No wonder I lurk in the online poker world as much as possible.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

don't know whether to laugh or what. lol.

thanks for dropping by my blog. you, sir, have been linked.

i'll keep the links a coming...

At 11:42 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

I know, sick really. Not my normal post. I love your brog and I appreciate you stopping by.


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