Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bankroll Update

I see a lot of people are providing an end of the month update, so here goes.

I you remember, I have tried a few times this month to settle into some sort of coherent pattern of play. Whether it was SNGs or low limit NL ring games, the goal that I stated at the beginning of the month was to build up the bank roll. Whoring seemed to help do the trick.

I had about $100 in Ultimate Bet at the beginning of the month and that was it. After a few small losing sessions and a couple small winning sessions on UB, I decided to move the $100 that I had out. I wasn't clearing any bonus in the games that I was playing and the SNGs on UB got annoying because they kept having problems with the software.

I decided to submit to Klopzi's pimpage and deposited the $100 into Interpoker using his affiliate code, to much adoration and acclaim. The only other cash that I deposited this month was $35 dollars to Poker Stars which I will explain more on later.

I ended up having a roller coaster ride on Interpoker. The population there wasn't that big, but the games could be juicy so I hung in there. I ended up learning some PL Omaha Hi/Lo and by playing that and some $25 NL HE, I was able to clear my 500 raked hands and receive my bonus this past weekend.

When I cleared the bonus, I had $76 dollars left from my original $100. That gave me $176 in Interpoker. I withdrew my original $100 to redeploy somewhere else for more bonus. The good thing about Interpoker, though, is the fact that each month, as soon as you clear 200 raked hands, they will give you a $40 bonus, with no deposits required. I left the $76 (which is now $75 because they charge a buck for a withdrawal, grrrr) so that I could hopefully clear the March bonus with it.

With the newfound rake generating game of PL Omaha, and my new experience with NL HE, which I was terrible at before, I decided to deposit my $100 back into Ultimate Bet, since I had a bonus of about $140 still to clear from my deposit and referral from January.

After busting out of the WWdN tourney on Stars last night, I ducked into UB to make the deposit, which grabbed me another $25 bonus on top of the prior bonus, and play a little PLO8.

It was juicy and a great way to finish out my month. I ended up winning about $35 in an hour and then hitting the sack before I got too tired. Overall, here are the numbers:

Poker Stars-$3.38 (more on this in a later post)
Ultimate Bet-$135.99

Total- $214.61
Deposits- ($35.00)
Starting- ($100.00)
Profit- $79.61

So, the bottomline is, the Interpoker pimpin bonus was helpful and worth it. I also, have $50 coming to me today from Titan Poker, since I signed up through Poker Source Online, due to DuggleBogey's pimpage. That is completely free money, no deposit required, hopefully I will make it grow.


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Not familiar with all of your other pages, but this site might help you:

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Thanks for the heads up AJ.


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