Wednesday, February 22, 2006

WWdN Invitational #15

The wife went out last night, so after I put the kids to bed, I decided to play in the weekly Wil Wheaton tourney. I played about a month ago and did ok, came in 18th and got beat on a bad hand. I remember everyone saying how tough the tourney was that night, so I thought I would take another shot and see how I would do. I also like all the banter that goes on in these tourney’s from the first hand, until the final table. It is a lot of fun to watch. I don’t know enough people to participate in the banter yet, but that is one of the reason I like to play. I get to see how people are, then check out their space. That usually adds to the bloglines list, which is always fun.

After last night, I totally agree that this is a very tough $10+$1 tourney. Not that I play a lot of them, mind you, but my starting table was:

BadBlood, came in 3rd
KentAllard, knocked out Wil last week
CawtBluffin, made last night’s final table

Sorry if I butchered your sites. Anyway, I think that was it. Ugh, it was ugly for me. The table was very aggressive and I stayed out of the way for the first level and a half. I then supremely over and underplayed big slick and lost about 40% of my stack. Raised it 4BB preflop and was called by Kat. Flop came 3 4 6 rainbow I think and I bet out about 75% of the pot. She obviously put me on the continuation bet and called it. I then made about the same bet on the turn, since I have been kicking myself for not following through on the turn with a bet after just being flat called. She again called me, so I figured she had me. I checked it and expected a bet, but she also checked. She flipped her pair of 5s and I was wounded. She must have sensed weakness from my flop bet, plus she had the open ended straight draw. What could I have done better there? (not a rhetorical question, comment please?)

Although I was wounded, I still had enough chips, as long as I started to get some cards. I didn’t. I would get a tiny pocket pair and raise 2 or 3BB only to be reraised and I had to lay it down. This happened a couple of times. I got big slick again (have I mentioned I hate that frickin hand?) and just limped from LP after a bunch of limpers. Missed the flop and folded weakly to a bet.

Finally, with only about 400 left and the blinds at 50/100, I got the hammer. Being a blogger tourney, along with my nearly hopeless situation at the time, I min raised and was reraised (of course, why wouldn’t I be) so I pushed. My hammer was up against JJ and something else I think. The board came down low but I couldn’t complete the straight or 2 pair (I think I paired the 7s) and I was on the rail, watching all the good players go at it.

It was a terrible showing by me, but still worth the time. It was fun and no stress. The two people that read this thing, you should give it a try next week. Now I need to go read some new (new to me anyway) blogs.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Klopzi said...

Those blogger tourneys are really tough. Although I find tournaments hard in general.

I also overplayed big slick last night against an opponent's pocket sevens.

AK is the worst best hand there is...

At 11:35 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

I like playing tourney's the best, but I really don't have the bankroll to continue to invest in them.

I do like this one though, to continue to meet more people and learn from them.

AK like Anna Kournakova, looks good but never wins.


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