Thursday, February 02, 2006

Time for me to switch it up I think

Checked out Kent’s blog today that was linked on Klopzi. The blog is focused on his journey to build his bankroll. I share a lot of his experiences other than the brains to cash out and commit to learning more without wasting your money. The other day, I was looking at how much money I put into poker last year and it was a wake up call.

I realized that I have been way too careless and unorganized about the way I am playing. I need to stick to the lower limits and begin to capitalize on the free money being offered by the poor players at the low limits, as well as the bonuses.

Starting today, I am going to only play cash games so that I can clear my bonus at Ultimate Bet. My goal is to try and clear the bonus while, at least, breaking even on the current money I have.

This is where I need everyone’s feedback. I have about $92 in Ultimate right now. I have about $145 in bonus to clear (refer a friend, etc). They release you the bonus as you play raked hands and get points. Suggestions on the best way to clear the bonus while minimizing risk? I am thinking a mixture of $.05/$.10 NL ring, which is a $10 max buyin, and $.25/$.50 limit ring? Feedback? I will post my progress.

I just think that my up and downs in the SNGs aren’t getting me anywhere. I played 4 last night, cashing in 2 and bubbling out in the other 2 (5th in both). I only cashed in 3rd place though, so I ended up the night down by the juice. Anyway, I don’t get anything toward the bonus for these so I need to focus on taking the free money and build this up. One of these days, the wife might notice those Neteller deposits in the checking account, lol.


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Klopzi said...

You're probably not gonna like my suggestions here, but I'll present them anyway.

To play any NL ring game, your bankroll should be large enough to cover 30 max buy-ins. This covers will help you absorb the blows that you'll likely face playing NL and allow you to play your A-game without fear of going broke.

Another number I've heard for NL ring games is to have a bankroll of 500 - 1000 BBs. So a $10 max buy-in NL game would require between $50 and $100 in your bankroll.

Of these two, I recommend the 30 max buy-in strategy - downswings tend to come in only two flavours: long and crippling.

To play FL ring games, you'll need between 300 and 500 BB. So, to play 10c/20c fixed limit, your bankroll should be between $60 and $100. To play 25c/50c, your bankroll should be between $150 and $250.

By all means, if you think that you can beat the 25c/50c games and are not worried about bad luck crippling you or having fear of going broke clouding your decisions at the tables, then play the 25c/50c games.

As for the NL games, your taking a chance by playing with only a $94 bankroll. If you are confident that you can beat it, go ahead and give yourself 3 or 4 buy-ins to lose.

Good luck with this! It's always nice to see others jump on the bankroll wagon. It's a long ride, but it's a nice one too.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

Hey, the truth hurts I guess. That is probably why I have been the local ATM for some of these games over the past year. With that said, in order to clear any bonus, I may have to either chance it or make a deposit to get me to the right bankroll to play 25c/50c limit. I just know if I would clear any at 10c/20c?

Thanks of the advice though.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Kent said...

Thanks for stopping by my site!

I don't know how the bonuses work on Ultimate, but it could take me a LONG time to clear at 20c tables. One option (that worked well for me on two different sites) is to play at the lower (looser) limit, but multi-table. I've read that you don't really need much more of a bankroll for 2 limit tables than you do for one.

Good luck, and keep after it! By the way, my wife thinks I play on the "play money" sites..


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