Friday, February 10, 2006

Thursday Night update Current Bankroll $120

I thinking my last update about my online bankroll I had $90.56 at Ultimate Bet. I played a lot of live games over the weekend but not much online. I had lost 1 buy-in at the $10 NL tables and that was about it. In that one, I had to lay down an Ace high flush after putting $3.50 in the pot when the other guy in the hand put me all in and Js and 2s on the board. I played the hand ok but it put me in a hole and apparently put me on tilt enough that I ended up donking the rest of my buy-in later.

In my typical fashion, I was not sticking to the plan last night. I had about $80 left at Ultimate, but the grinding at the 25c/50c tables was bugging me. I decide to take $25 to a 50c/1.00 limit table and see what happened. After a couple of miserable hands, I was down to about $15. Then my luck changed. I played the same tight aggressive style, but the donkeys at the table weren't hitting their draws anymore. My superior starting hands were actually holding up. After winning 3 nice hands in a row, I was up to $30. That was when I noticed that this one guy at the table continually raised and bet with pretty bad cards. After I had earlier laid down better hands, I decided I had to take a stand. I had some good pocket cards (don't remember the details really) in the BB so I called his raise. I ended up with a strong hand after the flop and he kept firing away. I ended up calling him down and saw that he had crap again. Next hand, same thing happened. I had a strong starting hand and hit the flop. When he kept firing, I raised his bets and after the flop, he actually re-raised me. He did make me pause, but I called him down as he bet the turn and flop again. Again, he had dog poop! He obviously knew I was onto him at that point. As soon as the hand was over, sadly, sniff, sniff, he left the table. I was up to $41 and had cleared about $3 in bonus. Good start to the night.

I then jumped into a $5 sng. I really like playing the sngs better than the ring games. I feel like I am pretty good at them. Then, I get in one and get bounced out in 10th place (wah wah wahhhh). Again, not sure of the details of that one. I think I got crippled playing pocket 10s too strong, then pushing with A10 and got called and bounced by AK.

Anyway, I jumped back on the horse after re-reading the article I found in Hoff's blog from a couple weeks ago. I noticed that the reason I wasn't having any luck with it was because I wasn't following it very well. I was still playing marginal hands (KJo, pairs below 6, Q10s, etc) and usually missing the flop. That helped me get down in chips so I had no shot at scaring anyone when it got to 5 handed. My stack was too small.

So after re-reading the article, I decided to stick to it completely. It was tough. The urges were strong but I resisted. It paid off when I looked down at AA and some had raised in front of me. I re-raised and he pushed. My AA stood up to JJ and I had a nice big stack early. I ended up getting some really crazy good cards (AA, JJ, AK, QQ) and running over the table. With that win, was feeling pretty good. I jumped into another one and did pretty well, but ended up bubbling out. Again, I forge the details but was happy with the way I played. One hand I do remember was kinda late and I had A10s. I raised to 3BB and got called. I missed but threw out a 1/3 pot continuation bet and was flat called. I missed the turn and put in a 1 BB bet to put off the bet and fold (which was probably stupid) and again got flat called. The river was a blank and I checked. The dude put in a bet of about 10% of the pot and like the donkey I was on this hand, I called thinking he was probably just trying to push me off. He had a set of 8s. Two of them were on the board. He typed in "A10, haha". I will admit it was a terrible hand. I didn't give him credit for having a had at all, but should have realized he at least had me beat. The fact he laughed was a riot though because he had called a 3BB raise with 48o?? Anyway, that hurt me and I bubbled.

Now I know I am gonna take some heat for this, but I decided to jump into a $10 sng, even though my bankroll says, NO! I liked the way I was playing and wanted to push it a bit, plus I was getting a little bored (Klopzi, is that a stage?). I again followed the above guidelines and ended up playing a good game. I was very happy with my patience when it got down to 4 of us. I had just lost a bad hand and was the small stack but kept pushing and grabbing blinds. After about 15 minutes of 4 handed play, I was in the money, but as the short stack. I was just happy that I had made it, knowing that I shouldn't have been in the game for bankroll reasons anyway. In the past, in this situation, I think I gave up a little too easy and took some unnecessary risks too early. Once I was in the money, I was happy, but not last night. Even though I was the short stack, for some inexplicable reason, the 2 larger stacks started going at each other. I was still able to steal some blinds and hang around, still as the short stack. I ended up winning 2 hands in a row and got within striking distance, but then went card dead for about 5 minutes to put be back down to the short stack. Just as it looked like I would have to happy with 3rd, the big stacks got into a couple back to back hands and I had moved into second. On the next hand, I was about 10-1 underdog in chips and pushed with my A2o (wink) but lost to a pocket pair of 6s. Either way, I was very happy to cash in 2nd. The bankroll stands at around $120 or something like that now.

Sorry for this ramble but I was happy with the night. I am thinking about moving my money from Ultimate, since the bonus never expires, and trying someplace new. I need to really whore up the bonus money if I can. My buddy suggested Hollywood Poker. Any other suggestions (insert pimping comments now)?


At 1:12 PM, Blogger Klopzi said...

Yep, that's a stage alright. Stage 3: the story-telling stage. You wan't to win or lose big just so you have something to write about.

Playing above your bankroll always provides fun stories. If you hit it big, people are happy for you. And if you miss (as is often the case for most people), you go broke and people keep reading just to see how far you'll fall.

Keep playing and keep grinding - it'll all come together.


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