Sunday, February 26, 2006

Home Game Friday Night

I went over my buddy's house on Friday night for a home game. There were 6 of us and we ended up playing 4 games. I had ridiculously great cards all night and ended up winning one and getting second in all 3 other games. It was a fun night. I need to work on my heads up play though. I was too aggressive and it killed me. Then in the last one, I slow played pocket As and the other guy hit 2 pair on the flop with 48o and I doubled him up on my way to losing it. Overall though, it was a profitable night.

We play $10 each game and the top 2 get paid, 2nd getting their buyin back. Overall, +$50.

Also, sshhhh. Don't tell Drewsmom but...On Friday afternoon I grabbed a couple quick picks to our lottery for that night. It is at like $200 millions so I figured a couple bucks would be cool. While I was doing that, I saw that they have a $5 scratch ticket that is a Caesars Palace ticket. I grabbed one, since we had stayed there in Vegas in October when I went there last. You can win a "high roller" trip to Vegas plus $2500 in cash. That would be cool huh?

Well, I didn't win that, but I did win $500! I am psyched because I already have a trip planned to Vegas from May 31-June 3 and I could use the bankroll boost. I am still not sure what I will do with it. I might actually use it to grab some online bonuses first and then cash it out for my Vegas trip. Ultimately, I will probably end up telling Drewsmom about it anyway, since I will feel guilty but...


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