Thursday, February 23, 2006

Boring Wednesday night recap

Had a tough night on Interpoker last night. After about 3 hours of play, I ended up losing $20 at both PL Omaha Hi/Lo and NLHE in ring games.

I did finally sit at a table with Klopzi, which was a thrill, until he abruptly had to leave because a beating he took on his other table. While I was on the waiting list to join the table, I was sweating him and he was doing quite well.

Anyway, thanks for those of you that posted some resources for me on Omaha. I don’t think I was doing that badly actually, but there was someone at the table who was raising the pot limit before every flop. Not really knowing much strategy, I probably should have just left the table, but noooooo. I ended up staying in a couple hand with AA2x or AK2x or AK3x etc. It was costing me about a $1.15-$1.65 each time though and when I missed the flop and he bet out the pot, I would have to fold. I know I had to tighten up with his play, but apparently I didn’t tighten up enough.

When I would have a hand, the river would smack me down (like the nut low and then have the 2 fall on the river while the other dude holds the 3, etc) so that cost me some dough too. I have a LOT to learn in this game so I will keep reading. I am just hoping to grind it out and clear my bonus. I am about 65% there after last night.

In the NL game, I struggled as well. I ended up donking off chips on continuation bets that were called then folding to bigger turn bets. I was also getting beat up on when in the blind with a high card and a crap kicker and flopping top pair. I would throw out a half pot probe bet and get called or played back at and have to fold. They weren’t big bets but not worth continuing with either. I know some people were onto that also and may have been raising my probe bets knowing I was going to fold. The same thing would happen if I checked it. It would check around and the turn would not be a scary card so I would probe bet it. I took down very few, small pots and most of the time was raised on. Should I have stopped betting out when I flopped a weak top pair?

The final straw on NL was near the end of my session when a new person sat at the table and started pushing on 2/3 of his hands. He got caught once or twice but I just tightened up. I finally got AKd in the BB and the same guy pushed. I decided to make a stand but the button called him first. The button had only about $4 and I was at about $9 of my original $20 at that point. After thinking about it, I decided to call it anyway and I was tied with the button with big slick, although mine were sooted.

The donk raiser turned over 79o. He hit the miracle straight on the river and I was “Sitting out”. Mothaf@cka.

Oh well, back at it tonight. I just need to severely tighten it up and let my bonus clear. Hopefully, the conditions will be a little better at the tables tonight. The only thing I don’t like about Interpoker (sorry Klopzi) is the low traffic. At best there are 2 15c/25c PL Omaha tables going and maybe 3 or 4 10c/25c NL tables going. I think it has to do with the fact that it is a European site and the time I am playing (9pm EST-12am EST) isn’t a good one for that region.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Klopzi said...

Interpoker's traffic can be a bit low (compared to some of the other networks). But I find the loose play and the bonuses can help make up for that. Just remember that a bulk of the players you're up against are casino game junkies and they treat poker as just any other game.

I don't know if sitting with me is thrilling in any sense of the word. You got to see me fold a lot of hands. I'm sure you would've enjoyed the other table where I played like a complete and utter donkey. I was a fish and I paid the price. I'm sure many people have tagged me and will try and sit with me again.

Now I just need to tighten up and let them give me their money.

As for the Omaha Hi/Lo, if someone is raising the pot every hand, it may be best to change tables. If you happen to pick up some good hands (AA23, AA2x, A23x, any other hands with 3 to the wheel, etc.), you could play the pots and re-raise the pot with the AA hands.

As dirt44 said last night, see the flop and drop it if you don't have the nuts or are drawing to the nuts.

Players who raise like mad all the time eventually hit the wall, so don't worry about it. Remember - "tight is right".

Now I just need to remember that advice myself.

I may see you again tonight - I'll be donating money at the $25 NL tables again.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

I'm sure I will. Good advice. Not new, but just need it drilled into my head of course.

See you at the tables.


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