Thursday, January 19, 2006

To Turbo or not to Turbo?

Can I get some advice on this from any of you out there? I recognize that my cash game skills are not up to par yet so I am a SNG whore. I have been all over the map on what I play from $1+-$15+ on a bunch of different sites.

I think my lack of patience has made me more and more inclined to play in the turbo variety of SNGs than the normal ones. Don’t worry, I already know that a lack of patience is not exactly a recipe for poker success but I don’t think that once I am in a game, I am not being patient enough.

Anyway, I am wondering what you money makers out there play more often and what you find the level of play to be in each? I feel like in the turbo’s some players will rush it a bit and bust themselves out because they feel like the clock is ticking on them so they make bad plays. On the other hand, I find myself questioning some of my own decisions because I am constantly trying to decide if the big bet ahead of me is one of these donkeys that thinks they have to push with an inferior hand because of the time ticking.

Any advice out there? I feel like I am a better player than my result have indicated lately so I want to start keeping better track of my leaks and results. I might try and jump onto Huma’s bandwagon and track $100, but want to make sure I start in the right SNGs to maximize my chances. The $5 level of SNGs is what I have been playing lately anyway but I have been going between the $6+.50 and $3+.30 turbos on Pokerstars also.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger Klopzi said...

Turbo SNGs are a crap-shoot, in my opinion. If you want to build up your SNG skills, try either the $5 + $1 SNGs at PartyPoker or the $3 + $0.45 6-person SNGs at TigerGaming (sorry about pimping my links on your site...I know I'm shameless...).

The play at the $3 SNGs will teach you how to play the middle and final stages of a sit-n-go, which is invaluable. The play is varied but usually pretty easy. And the cost of the lessons is pretty minimal.

As for the Party SNGs, patience is the key. A 10 person SNG takes about 30 - 40 minutes to finish and the blind structure is aggressive enough to guarantee some action pretty early. I guess these SNGs are halfway between the Turbo SNGs and the regular SNGs at PokerStars.

If you want any further advice, check out some of the archives on my site. I've been talking about SNGs and bankroll management stuff pretty heavily and there should be some advice that you can take to heart. Although I don't guarantee results since I've only been playing poker for 9 months.


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