Thursday, January 05, 2006

Poker at the bar

Funny hand on Monday night at the bar I play at. It is the free tourney that they have every week and we were down to about 12 people. Blinds were at 1000/2000 and I am UTG with 5000 left. I get AQo so I push. The dude to my left calls his last 3000, the guy after him looks over at me and smiles as he pushes with like 20K, and it folds to the big blind who calls his last 2000. I thought the smiler thought I was just full of crap so I told him I did have a hand. He actually annoyed me with his big grin, like "I can read you. You are just trying to steal. I'm calling your ass!".

So we have 3 all-ins including me. The smiler pulls back the rest of his chips, we set the 3 pots and everyone turns their cards over. My left has me dominated with AK. DAMN! Then the smiler turns over AA! WTF. Next, the big blind almost cries as he turns over KK. I then turn over my 4th best hand, AQ for everyone to see.

Flop comes out with rag, rag, Q. Turn comes rag. River comes Q. Lalalala!!! I actually crack AA, KK, and AK in the same hand. Woohoo. Thought that crap only happened online. Anyway, it really only helped me for a little bit as I came in 5th after my AK got beat by K5. But a memorable hand, that is for sure.


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