Sunday, January 08, 2006

Poker and the Pats

Had 12 guys over on Friday night for some poker. We ended up starting with 2 tables of 6 in one tourney format for $20 each. It was a good time. I got some luck and played pretty well (had at least 1 saving laydown) and managed to get to the final 2 in both games. I split both pots, first one to get the next game going and the second time because it was 2 am and the dude I was playing with was pretty drunk and I was done playing with him basically.

One of the guys offered me a ticket to the Pats game last night in Foxboro when he came over for Poker on Friday. He said they were leaving at 2 pm for the 8 pm game. This dude bought an old, banged up shuttle bus with seating for 12 for like $800 then put a tv and stereo system in it that cost at least the same. The funbus is the only way to tailgate man, I'm telling you. Had a great time. We got there, started the homeless fire in the trash can and the gas grill by 3:30. Plenty of booze and food and then some Einstein decided to bust out the poker chips and card table. It was like 5:30 and about 20 degrees out, but of course, the game attracted 7 addicts to the table. We even had some guy jump in from the party next to us. He buddies said they were looking for him and then noticed the table out. They figured he had to be there. They were saying something about an intervention or something. Anyway, it was easily the fast poker game ever. Looser than Pamela Anderson after the boat trip.

As for the game, as you know, we dominated. The Jags really had no chance. The defense was stifling. The offense really didn't do too much, which was disappointing but made the plays they had to. We'll see what happens next week against the Colts or the Broncos. Either way, it will be a real tough game, but I like the fact that both teams have beat the Pats this year. We have a lot of faith in Belichick around here and it is tough to beat him twice. The biggest concern was the fact that Bruschi dressed but never played a down. They didn't end up needing him this week but we definitely will next week.


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